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posted by on 05.14.2008, under Film Festivals

So for about a year now our first film, “The Scritch-Scratch of Busy Little Hands,” has been screening at a bunch of festivals around the world. It’s also been rejected from a bunch, which stopped me from applying for a few months. LAME and here’s why:

Earlier this month, it screened at the first annual Charleston International Film Festival and somehow managed to sneak it’s way into the same animation block as Patrick Smith’s film, “Puppet,” Bill Plympton’s “Shut-Eye Hotel,” and Don Hertzfeldt’s “Everything Will Be Ok.” That. Is. An. Honor.
Pat, Joy and I flew down to SC for the screening. Let me tell you something you may not know about Charleston – it EFFING rocks! The city is beautiful, but the beaches (FOLLY BEACH!) are the best part. The Opening Night Party was fantastic. (We heart free cosmos) You must always make it out to a fest if you can, esp. when it’s in a cool place like this.
Photo: Noelle, Joy and Pat Smith.
Our screening, Dark Animation, was packed and had a great audience. We got to do a Q and A with Pat, awesome – of course.
Sadly, we had to leave the fest a day early, but the cherry on the Sunday was that “Scritch-Scratch” won Best Animation in Charleston on the same night we accepted an award at the ASIFA in NYC. (First Honorable Mention in Student Film!) The ASIFA award looks nice on the wall between our bedrooms. We have to share it. Or maybe Joy can take that one and I can take the Charleston award, which, I was told, will come with a gigantic bottle of Tommy Bahama Prem Rum. I keep that one.

Arthur Metcalf, another great friend of ours, won BEST IN SHOW at ASIFA. Hell yeah, Metcalf.
I really want to tell you about all my friends that won at ASIFA as well, but I feel scared to leave people out!
For the full list click here

Ok, I’m gonna go now before Joy yells at me because I sound like SUCH that mom who shows photos of her children to the cashier at the supermarket. And you don’t wanna be that mom. You should’ve heard our acceptance speech at ASIFA. Sally Field on crack.

Thanks to all who voted! You make us smile.