My Adventure at the Museum Fest…

posted by on 06.04.2008, under Art

A few nights ago, I didn’t go immediately home right after work to work on my film. I became distracted by crowds of people on 5th Ave.

The Museum Mile Festival is described as one big block party, where you can get into all of the museums on 5th Ave for free. There’s music and art and other entertainment in the closed-off streets. It was great, except that i missed out on going to the Guggenheim. It was infested. Almost like when too many people are trying to get into a subway car that is already uncomfortably packed beyond all reason. We moved along.

Passed the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. There had to be some sort of glass-blowing shennanegans going on back there. Unfortunately I saw none of it because of too-tall people. I wished I was a goon. This has not been the first time.

During this whole museum extravaganza, I had been nursing a yummy, and necessary latte. I was inside for 20 minutes. No one said anything. You are not supposed to have food or beverages in the museum. I know this now. In my fave exhibit, nouveau and psychedelic art, one security guard scolded me for bringing it in there and told me to dispose of the remains.

I was mildly peeved.

I tried to get out, and on the way made the mistake of taking a sip.

In a weird way, living in this overcrowded city is about how well you deal with unwelcome, yet inevitable interactions with other people.

Before I knew it, a guest, NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF THE MUSEUM, pried my drink from my lifeless fingers and was ready to throw down. She yelled that I was “told to throw this out!” Serious face.

Since I am not a very confrontational person – who more often than not, shys away from people that yell at me who are not my mother – I let this troubled and vicious woman confiscate my last three sips. She grabbed the cup out of my grip, and I backed the eff off and ran back into the exhibit… which I had been enjoying before I was yanked back to reality where you can’t look at the art or try to finish your beverage on the way to throwing it out. Lesson learned. I think I sensed her regret as I left and she realized that she actually did me a favor… she now had to push through the crowd down to the exit to throw out my beloved latte.

~ Joy