Out with the old, in with the new…

posted by on 08.14.2008, under Film Festivals

Noey and I have been so busy recently and it’s been fantastic! Here’s a list of some of the more “interesting” things we’ve been up to:

1. After we was robbed, we moved out and it was insanely depressing. I won’t get into it, because really, it’s not very interesting. I mean I wish I took my depression and used it for good, like putting all my sad efforts into writing a song (but that would be a terrible song since i’m not a musician) or painting or doing something more creative and therapeutic than drinking away the sorrow and walking around under a dark little cloud. But here’s what’s interesting… there actually was an upside to moving out from our wonderful little nook in NYC and back to our hometown – I happened to stumble upon old illustration work and drawings I had done back in college. I was looking back at my past in this treasure trove of really awful work, although it was mixed with some pieces that definitely showed promise. Now I have to ask myself, what to keep and what to throw away? Can I throw it away? Is it just crap or will it mean something to me one day? Maybe right now I think it’s rubbish but who knows, in the future it might show me more about myself and how I’ve developed as an artist through my career. Right now it really pisses me off looking at it. But then again, it does, make me feel a lot better about where I’m at today. Which brings me to…

2. The new short film we just finished for the Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival! Noey and I created the Signal Film for the Animation Program and it was a really cool gig. We owe the opportunity to Pat Smith and Bill Plympton. They suggested we work on the Signal Film for this fest as well as the one for the Woodstock Film Festival. It was really fun to collaborate on something that we didn’t have to really spend too much time on. We finished a short film in two weeks and it was so satisfying. Like all filmmakers, Noey has an old, dusty library of unused ideas in her head and when we were brainstorming for one, it seemed like the perfect time to break this one out. We both knew it had the potential to be great, and in the end we are so psyched with how it turned out. Check it out here:

3. Right now we are currently finishing up the Signal Film for Woodstock. This idea is from a film which we had started a few years ago, back in college. It never became anything and wandered from dorm room to apartment, from apartment to home-sweet-home, for 4 years, and we didn’t think much of it. But one day, in August, when Bill and Pat asked us to create this short, we remembered this animation and dug it up from it’s resting place on our old computers, to see if there was anything about it we could rescue. Here are a couple of stills from the film:

When we started watching it, we saw how beautiful it really was. Hand drawn cut-outs, painted in watercolor and brought to life by the technique of replacement animation, we decided the story was actually funny. The little mistakes about it seemed fixable. We are re-recording the audio now and with a little help from the wonderful world of After Effects and it will be ready by the end of the week. So exciting!!

4. The Scritch-Scratch of Busy Little Hands has been accepted to the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival as well as the Starz Denver Film Festival! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend Sidewalk… whack… but going to try to make it to Denver, for sure.

later kids.



Where the hell is all of our stuff?

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We were robbed. They took everything.

One of the worst things about being robbed is realizing that the film you’ve been working on for the last year is saved on that computer that is STOLEN that is GONE that is NEVER COMING BACK. Pat Smith, you were right and I quote, “Con #1 for flash, it doesn’t actually exist. Don’t forget that.” I won’t. He wrote a great blog about digital vs real drawings here.
Another thing that is not totally great about being robbed is looking around your place and all your shit that they didn’t want is just thrown everywhere. I mean, they raided our freezer thinking they would find money in there, when all they found was vodka and coffee. They didn’t want vodka and coffee, so they left our freezer door swinging open and all of our shit melted. That is their style.
The thing is, getting a computer stolen is awful for anyone, but to three artists it’s deeply depressing because your work is stored there and it’s your baby. Now, the past five years of work may as well have never happened. All those sleepless nights and all I got were these lousy circles under my eyes.
I feel like this whole experience has made me a little wiser, so I need to give some advice. Never leave an air conditioner in the fire escape window. I know some of you have one in there right now, take it out and get a fan. Also, whatever you are working on at the moment, back it up and keep it at least 100 yards away from the original. If you don’t take any of that advice, take this with you – do NOT hide anything in the freezer. They check there.

– Noelle