Postal Seance

posted by on 05.01.2009, under Art

You never realize how much crap you have until you have to move. I like to think of myself as a fairly neat person, but I am guilty of a little hording. I collect more and more things until I have to pick up and relocate, which is when I clear out the rubbish and take with me only the most deserving of items.
While unpacking a box I lovingly labeled, Noey’s Miscellaneous Box of Shit, I found the little treasure, a gift from a dear friend I was given about 4 yrs ago, Henrik Drescher’s “Postal Seance.”

It is illustrated in postcard-style, and the experiment was to send elaborately decorated postcards to the dead. If the letter was not returned, it was successfully delivered. Some of the recipients include Vlad the Impaler, Marquis de Sade, Fatty Arbuckle, Jack Kerouac and Betty Page (her letter was returned because at that time, she was actually still alive.)
This book makes me so happy. The text is funny but minimal and gives adults an excuse to read a picture book.
I am in love with the fun, cruddy art. It is imaginative; even the design of the book is like a letter to be opened. Included in the back is a map of the journey of the letters to the afterlife, as well as unique arty stamps for the reader … you know, in case you wanna send a letter of your own to the dead.