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happy thanksgiving.

Jack and the Beanstalk, 1974

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Hey guys, it’s Monday. My Case of the Mondays is extremely bad because I got to come into work all through the weekend, which has left me in a perpetual state of thinking that today is Friday. Or something. I keep waiting, where is the weekend? When can I put on my dancing shoes? When is it my time to shine?

I don’t think it’s serious. Anyway, I wanted to share a little gem with you all, maybe remind you of something wonderful that you might have seen and forgotten. I bet you have the same story as me. You were really young and you saw this strange film adapted from a familiar tale. Remember?? Jack and the Beanstalk – the Japanese version made in 1974.

Jump back to a couple of days ago. I was in a particularly nostalgic mood and decided to spend my evening watching old cartoons I had loved as young Noey. I had this picture in my head. I could remember a scary looking woman standing on a black and white floor. I love black and white floors. I knew this little memory was from Jack and the Beanstalk but I didn’t think I’d be able to find it as I typed “creepy jack and the beanstalk cartoon” in the search box.

I found it and my heart exploded.

I probably saw this for the first time when I was six or seven. I loved it but young Noey didn’t understand how exceptional this movie was or how 20 years later, the songs would rush back to her as if she had heard them yesterday. I was six. Six year old’s don’t think like that.

In this version, Jack makes his way to the top of the beanstalk in The Land of the Clouds. He meets Princess Margaret, who seems like she has just taken a happy pill. Jack thinks she is very odd. She is under a spell and believes she is about to marry handsome Prince Tulip, the man of her dreams. She takes Jack to meet Madame Hecuba, her future mother-in-law, but the princess doesn’t realize that Hecuba is a demon sent from Hell and that her beloved prince Tulip is really giant ogre. All of the servants in the castle have been turned into mice, which doesn’t seem to bother her either. Once Margaret marries Tulip, Hecuba will become the Queen of the Land of the Clouds. Meet Madame Hecuba:

Jack goes through an emotional journey from being a selfish, greedy coward to our brave hero. The climax of the film where he has to save Margaret from the evil Hecuba is so cool it makes me want to cry. History lesson! This film was the directorial debut of Gisaburo Sugil, one of anime’s most important artists. He is not as well known as he should be and that’s why I’m here – so that the four of you who read this blog can tell all of your friends and then they can tell all of their friends and soon everyone will be infected.

I’m going to get back to the confusing mess that is my Monday. I can’t remember what the afternoon sky looks like as my cave doesn’t have windows. I wish to escape. If you wish to escape your day, click here to watch the full film, it’s worth it.


a slice of life

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i’ve posted some stills from our music video of “golem’s song” by the maladies. please see them below for your amusement and delight. i hope u like.
the boys of the maladies liked the latest version, so noey and i are really supercalafragalistic about it. we’ve been working hard and it’s half finished thanks to jameson. jameson the whiskey, and jameson our compositing genius. click on his name to view his dope site. he is making our little video look cinematic and pro. noey and i like to work and play with others. it gets rather tiresome to argue, i mean work, only with each other. and i am starting a sentence with the word and, and we could not have gotten halfway done without our amazing star intern, tori. and i’d like to thank my mom.
at this moment i’m sitting in bed with a cold. sniff. sniff. being sick is less fun than i remember. i was hoping to get some work done but i am, to my surprise, bed-ridden. however, i do have a fully charged battery on my laptop and can now unplug it from it’s power source. did u feel that? freedom.
in other news relating to my personal life, i have new goals as the year comes to an end. noey and i hope to finish the music video by december! we will need lots of hugs and coffee. also, i want to have some fun and try to use the twin thing to my advantage … more than i already do. it has come to my attention that most of our friends can’t tell noey and i apart. there will be many tricks followed by a lot of giggling in our future. i’ll let you know how that goes.
thanks for the support and thanks for reading! come back to visit soon.
sick and truly,