big winners!

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leaving pennsylvania, i’m in the car on the way back from a weekend of fun in the snow. i managed to learn how to ski and i didn’t suck. it was good times. and the car ride home was one of the scariest rides of my life … i think i speak for everyone who was in the car with me when i say that we were all freaked out of our skulls when we saw all of the car accidents on the road. anyways, i digress.

i’m sitting there trying not to hyperventilate when i get a picture message from noey. she started drawing up a sketch for the charleston international film festival 2010 poster contest and asked me if i wanted to help. i flipping loved the drawing and said yes. made it home without a scratch and drew up something for the poster.
well friends, today noey and i just found out that we won the contest! legend! here’s our collaboration 🙂

a new year

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i made many resolutions for the new year and haven’t been doing so well sticking to most of them. for example, i resolved to be on time for work and have come in about an hour late all month. but today i’m buckling down! i got in to the studio today about 15 minutes late – a vast improvement – and am tackling a few other resolutions like cleaning my computer and making room for new work! the best part about this is finding things i had forgotten about like this little gem from noey…

noey, thank you.


merry be-lated christmas

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