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i woke up this morning to find this little lad chilling on my balcony.

this is the handy work of my roomie, miss hanna kim. don’t the trees behind him look like he has crazy hair made out of twigs?? i sketched him…

can u see the influence from my visit to the burton exhibit last weekend? more on that later. i’m supposed to be working.


oh sweet mother of all that is good and pure…

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this just in, at 3:00 AM this morning, noey and i completed our last animation sequence of the music video for “golem” by the maladies!!! ok, ok. noey finished hours before me. because well, she is much faster than me. but still, i’m doing my happy dance!!
we are finishing post production this weekend.
who needs a drink!?

My First Crush

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I remember my first crush. Obviously it was on a boy who didn’t feel the same way about me. He sat a few seats in front of me in class. He had long hair and disrupted the teacher all the time. My tiny black heart was captured.

“My First Crush” is a short by Julia Pott, an animator/illustrator based in London. I actually met her months ago through a good friend, but I haven’t seen her work until recently. Yeah, we’ve hung out – I’m name dropping right now …

I fell in love with this film. How can you not?! You’d have to have no soul to not love it. The characters are delightful, telling stories of their first crushes. Julia interviewed about 40 people for this project and created these characters based off of the responses she chose to use. Everyone can relate because we’ve all had a crush. “Why don’t they like me? What are they thinking right now? Should I stake out their locker after school? Oh, the pain!” And the lovable animals with their unique mannerisms and personalities … they are so cute! Here are some stills from the film:

The whole video can be see on youtube here.
Fun facts about Julia

One of my favorite things about Julia’s work is the way she incorporates all of these elements – juxtaposing hand drawn text phrases, textures, sketches, paintings etc. I love when animators experiment this way with their work. It’s so different from how I work these days and I’m envious and inspired. In a video interview with Etsy, she describes her process, which is almost completely done by hand. I like.

She animated a 16 minute segment for the Decemberists’ album, The Hazards of Love, Here Come the Waves: a visual performance to the album. She collaborated with 3 other artists and the different aesthetics all work together to make up this incredible companion to the music. SO awesome! I love this band, this album and her style, so I’m pretty excited. You can get it on itunes – here is a short youtube clip of Julia’s contribution to this film.

Julia just released a limited edition of 30 prints and all of the proceeds go to Oxfam to aid Haiti.

It’s hard to keep up with this busy bee! I can’t wait to see what she does next.