“I wrote her a letter in my dream …”

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I wrote her a letter in my dream
and l never gave it to her.

And she read it. l don’t know how,
but she somehow read it …

And she just recited it to me just now.
Word by word. She knows it.

And you know why?
Because l think our brains…
… lt’s as if we were jigsaw puzzles,
you know?

from The Science of Sleep

– Noelle


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Meet Petra Mrzyk and Jean-Francois Moriceau, two French artists who recently got together with Mathematic to create a music video for Sebastien Tellier’s song “LOOK.”

Enjoy the fun little details, at 1:03 for example, when she farts diamonds.

Commissioned by Record Makers for their 10th anniversary, the film was first created using Flash and After FX and later re-animated on paper by the two illustrators.

I really love this. A brilliant exercise in variety vs constants, all the while fitting the song perfectly. The tempo of “Look” is a bit hypnotizing and so is watching this girl’s ass shift from side to side for 4 minutes while everything around her distorts and changes.

My favorite thing about Mrzyk and Moriceau is that they have been working like this for so long (10 years!) they are at the point where they don’t know who did what in the piece, it all just blends together to make it a unified, engaging whole.

Joy wrote an entry a couple of years ago about twin graffiti artists, Os Gemeos, who work in this same way. Imaginative results ensue, click here see their most recent masterpiece.

Tegan and Sara, twin pop artists from Canada who rock my small world, write their songs separately and send each other mp3s as they are putting their albums together. When I’m listening for the first time, I play a game with myself to decide if it’s a Sara song or a Tegan song.

Another example is one of my favorite books, Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. It’s a very funny novel about the end of the world and how we’re all going to die. Gaiman talks about how it went – This is how we wrote a novel together. I’d write late at night. Terry wrote early in the morning. In the afternoon we’d have very long phone conversations where we’d read each other the best bits we’d written, and talk about stuff that could happen next. The main objective was to make the other one laugh.” Their writing styles are quite different but they compliment each other perfectly. I wish they would try this again.

I picked a couple of pieces from Mrzyk and Moriceau’s work to share with you. For more playful illustrations, go here.


When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.

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Brooke Shaden, a surrealist photographer …

“The dark, the unknown, and the uncontrollable inspire me. It is a certain mindset that I have about these things, that what others find disturbing I find beautiful. To me, there is nothing more alive than the juxtaposition of good and evil, of entrapment and freedom, of life and death itself. ”  (full interview here.)



I like her flickr page because she
often explains the photographs.



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