Movie Night

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Want to be a part of Movie Night? Submit your film by the end of this week … unless you know us personally in which case we MIGHT extend the deadline. Oh, the power.
~ Joy

Hot Nurse Experiment

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Here is a 6 second clip that somehow could not fit anywhere in the music video, “Golem.”

For more deleted scenes, click here.


“Heavy Traffic”

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My main thrill in life is animation, especially when it goes beyond it’s unlimited possibilities. Every time I watch Ralph Bakshi’s “Heavy Traffic”, my brain melts. It’s raw and insane and I’m just going to let the following clip speak for itself…

I heart controversial art. Watching the desperate little people, I’m reminded of “Blender” by Makoto Aida.

You see it too.

It’s impossible to express the love in one sitting.  But speaking of the controversial, dig this.

You will eventually die. But who cares?

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I like Pentagram’s take on cigarettes.  Everyone who smokes knows it will eventually kill them, but it doesn’t stop them from smoking.  They say, embrace it and make the entire pack a warning label …

Collect them all, smokers!
Another cigarette pack design that makes me wish I hadn’t quit.

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

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The Yo-Yo Master and the Lost Boy.

When the Yo-Yo Master appears on the screen to help the little lost boy find his way home, the young viewers scream and clap in delight, enchanted.

This isn’t a group of toddlers watching Sesame Street. It’s a Wednesday night at my apartment with my roommates, floating through happy memories of simpler times and better cartoons.

This is one of my favorite old Sesame Street clips. It’s a simple lesson, but they had so much fun teaching it.
Someday I’ll have kids. It’s inevitable. When I do, they will grow up watching the Sesame Street we all grew up with. I have fun imagining the books I’ll have on their shelves too – like Gris Grimly’s children’s book collection – yeah, they definitely have to have that.
Watch Yo-Yo Master full screen here.

Turn to the Left, FASHION.

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I can’t get these giraffe like creatures out of my head after staring at runway shows all day.

And so, I doodle the demons away.

Turn to the right. And eat something.

~ Joy

Wishful Thinking

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One of my favorite music videos that uses pixilation – remember “Wishful Thinking” by the Ditty Bops?  This video is so damn cute.
It starts off with the two band members cutting out the set and little characters, as if they are actually making the animation come to life.  They playfully try to kill each other throughout the entire thing and the Vaudevillian style lends itself to pixilation – rather than just doing it to try something different.  It really gives it that old silent movie feel.



Poor Little Puppet Boy

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Hello again,

We think everything we create is gold. Oh, I made something and it’s ridiculously long and it’s my baby and every second is important and amazing. Sadly, this is a delusion and you have to know when to cut. Cut. CUT. Here’s a deleted scene from “Golem” in it’s early stages of birth … before we aborted it.


Coffin Nails

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Hello again,

My grandmother used to have a cigarette box that she kept near her telephone so that she could smoke while she talked to her friends.  The box had the words Coffin Nails on it.  She had such a cute sense of humor.
If she were still with us, I think she would really get a kick out of this anti-smoking package design by Alexander Andrews.

A great concept.  If I still smoked I’d want it – a friendly little reminder of every nail in my coffin.


The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

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Long ago in a galaxy far, far away Noey and I were just two little brats who needed a hobby to keep us sane – so our grandpa taught us how to paint and draw. His paintings are hung up all over the walls of my parents house, and have never been released to the public until now! Here are some of my favorite pieces of his…