Drawn in Transit – 1920′s Chic

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Was another sketchbook essential for me to have?

No.  I have countless half filled books of all sizes.  But nevertheless I’m startling a new one and this is the first drawing for your entertainment.  I’m glad I like it, since it’s the first page.  I’m striving to draw more and so I take this pocket-sized book with me when I travel.


Animation for Adults

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How exciting.  Cartoon Brew recently posted about Ralph Bakshi’s “Heavy Traffic”, feeding my addiction.  It’s like heroin.

Click here to view the trailer of the film with commentary.  If this doesn’t make you want to finally watch it, or watch it again for the hundredth time, I just don’t know what will.


Subway Stories

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I feel like this was me on the subway last night.

New York, sometimes you suck.


The Perfect Bite

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Featured on TheDieline this month, The Anderson Group, a design studio based in Nashville TN ( !!! I love Nashville !!! ) just did a fun, new package design for Olive and Sinclair, a southern chocolate brand.  I love the color palette, as well as the font and texture of the label.  It’s got charisma.

But I’m not really posting this because of it’s design.

I’m posting it because it’s snack time in England and I want to eat it.  Right now.   I’ve never had “sea salt” or “salt and pepper” flavored chocolate before, but something rumbling in my tummy tells me  I need to have this in my life.  That’s good design.

More by the Anderson Group.  Maybe I should move back to TN, convince them to open a motion graphics department and hire me … they must have boxes full of that free chocolate in their studio somewhere.


Signal Films so good I want to just give up … or get much better


Hello again,

You know when you go to the movies and you can’t miss the coming attractions because sometimes they are better than the movie you paid to see?  In my humble opinion, these signal films must accomplish just that – or at least get you pumped for some great films.  Joy and I create Signal Films for some of our favorite festivals, and with two of them coming up this fall – here are some fantastic signal films I’ve been watching for inspiration.

SIFF 2010 Signal Film by Oh Hello

SIFF 2009 Festival Bumper, also by Oh Hello

PSISF 2010 Signal Film by MAKE

Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film 2010 Signal Film by Johannes Schiehsl

Any of the Gobelins Signal Films really, but one of my favorites of theirs is this one, from Annecy 2009

Rooftop Films 2008 Signal Film, Directed by Fran Krause

An oldie but a goodie, the Ottawa 2005 Signal Film, Directed by Will Krause

(Segments directors: Linda Beck, Mike Overbeck, Chris Siemasko, Fran Krause, Sean McBride, Erin Kilkenny, Max Porter, Andy Kennedy and Aaron Zisman)


Photo Hunt!

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Subway advertising is fun.  I laughed pretty hard when I saw this one on the R train this morning.  Ever since a realtor tried to scam my roommates and I when we were considering living there, Stuytown holds a special place in my heart.  But these ads really make me giddy.  They can’t take a photo of two people in an actual apartment, they modeled a fake one in CG.  I cracked up when James pointed out that the one chick in front of the mirror doesn’t even have a reflection.  “What is she, a vampire?”


Sketch – Beer Goggles

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Out of all my drink and drawings from Thursday’s Sketch Night, only these made it to the top 3.  They’re so much more fun to draw when they’re tubby.  But I don’t mind drawing hot ones either. The more I drank the sexier she became…

I might have just had on the beer goggles.  This last one looks like a GagAguilera mix.


That’s a nice story, grandma.

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When I was your age, we had animation on television shows like Sesame Street that are considered classics today.  They didn’t sugar coat it too much and it was entertaining enough for adults.  Here is a particularly creepy clip…

This is so well done, even for how rudimentary the animation seems.  The scene transitions are clever and I always appreciate good use of mixed media.  Fine family fun, and you learn a little something too.

I can’t sit through the show today, so I won’t bother to upload a clip for contrast.  If you want to torture yourself, click here.  I need to sneak my way into a job as a shipping clerk at Sesame Street and, “accidentally” get  the CEO of the television studio to see me clowning with toy dinosaurs and be so impressed enough to schedule a dinner meeting to hear my ideas. Wait excuse me, I’m thinking of Mrs. Doubtfire.  Brilliant idea though, I think. Only in the movies … meh.


I Love Guts

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Here’s more on my Bakshi obsession, specifically from Heavy Traffic.  This scene is absolute animation anarchy.  “Whaaaaaaaat?!” is the best way to describe it.  Now a warning: viewer discretion is advised.