Dear Wicked Wink,

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Please consider me for your Friday Flash this week!  I have been dreaming of this moment since my debut in the music video, “Pretty Cat Balls“.

Thank you for your consideration.


Pussy Cat

Sketch – Girls

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Hello again,

Getting my ass to Sketch Night at The Society of Illustrators is like trying to stop slouching or peeling myself off my chair to go to the gym.
I know it would do me good but something always gets in the way like ex fiances or italian guys.  So I give myself a mental high five when I do actually go and get in some quality sketch time. Last night we were rocking out to a slew of Bob Marley covers!

And as it turns out, last night will be the last time we can get together to drink and draw at the Society until September.  But don’t cry, there are so many places around this city where we can still draw naked people and some options may even sell brew like Drink-N-Draw in bk. Here is a healthy list to chose from…

Oh! AND while I was at the Society yesterday, I got a glimpse of the Jeff Preston exhibit. His illustrations are bright colorful depictions of fantasy, classic films, history, biblical stories and my personal fave – horror!  The show will be up until tomorrow so get over there to see it while you can.


Animation Block Party This Weekend

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Hello Again,

You guys, our music video for The Maladies is screening in competition tomorrow night, July 31st, at Animation Block Party!  I’m happy dancing.

Tonight is the Opening Night Screening at Rooftop Films in Williamsburg.  Go ahead and get your tickets here.

We’ll be screening in Program One tomorrow at BAMcinématek at 6:50PM followed by an after party – free Buds with proof of ABP ticket purchase.  Yes, please.

I’ve seen a couple of the films in our screening block at other fests – The Lift, by a friend of mine – Rob Kohr. Awesome.  Another is a music video, I’ll Kill Her by Jorg Barton.  Nice one, Jorg, SoKo rocks.

The award jury for the 2010 ABP festival is Amid Amidi of Cartoon Brew, Rachel Simon of World Leaders Entertainment, Dave Schlafman of CloudKid and Ramin Zahed of Animation Magazine.

And hey, if you haven’t seen it yet, or you love it SO much you just can’t get enough, here’s a sneak peak of our music video trailer on youtube.


It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!

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Hello again,

Thank you, Illumination Entertainment, for creating the little character named “Agnes” in Despicable Me. I would adopt her but since she doesn’t exist, I got an orchid and named it Agnes instead.


Life = Love = Death

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Hello again,

And it’s Show & Tell time.

This clip is from such an under rated film – “If Lucy Fell.”

The basic storyline is two roommates who are best friends make a death pact that if they both don’t get their shit together and have steady relationships within one month, they have to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. They are obviously perfect for each other and of course they don’t realize this blahblahblahblah, so they go off on random dates with ridiculous people. And that’s where this scene comes in. Life = Love = Death. It could almost stand alone as a short.


It’s a chicken/egg situation.

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I know what you’re thinking.

And even though it would have been really fun to find a tiny feather, put it on an egg and call it “Still Life in Feathers,” this egg was sold to me this way at Sainsburys, a giant supermarket in England.

I was making breakfast, reached into the carton and this chick was the first one I pulled out, donning a feather hat.  Just looking at me.

Jump back to earlier in the week when I was grocery shopping. I looked everywhere in the refrigerated dairy section and I felt stupid asking, but I couldn’t find them.

Me: “Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find the eggs?”

Sainsburys Employee: “Oh yes, my love.  On the shelf, aisle 18.”


Eggs are sold in the room-temperature aisles of the supermarket, like bread or potato chips.  I guess I’m just used to juevos (eggs in espanol!) kept in the refrigerators of the American stores I grew up with.

And now THIS?

Trying to make breakfast, at first this feathered egg has personality to me.  So chic.  But then I’m reminded of Kelly Oxford’s tweet, “eggs are just chicken periods,” and I don’t really have an appetite anymore.


Your Meat is Mine

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Hello again,

When, Zooey?

Ever since I was 16 and my best friend in high school got her first tattoo, I’ve wanted one.  I hate to admit this, but it was 1999 and I was super jealous of that gecko tramp stamp.  Now, though, she’s surely rueing the day .

At one time I had 10 body piercings.  I took the tongue ring out after three days because I couldn’t eat.  After a few years I took out my navel ring, nose ring and finally the industrial and now I miss them.  Sometimes I wear earrings.  Man, I’m boring, what HAPPENED to me?

If I ever get a tattoo, I want to go to Canada and let this guy scribble all over me.

French tattoo artist Yann Travaille has a style I don’t think I’ll ever tire of.  Those who’ve gotten inked by him look as if they are human pages from his skin sketchbook.

Go to his site, your meat is, to see more of his work.

One day … I’ll be cool.



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Hello again!

Saturday night … SATURDAY NIGHT! Photo booth fun with Kristin and her friends.  This was my first time — no longer a virgin.  This might become an addiction.

(Booth courtesy of Arrow Bar.)


It feels like being tranquilized

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It’s summer and my new favorite album on my summer tunes playlist is Yeasayer’s ODD BLOOD.

Click the image to watch their music video for “O.N.E.”

Can we go to this party?


Drawn in Transit – Lazy Days

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You know what’s fun?  Not viewing photo albums on a computer for a change.

Looking through old photo albums, handmade by my parents when they were my age,  it’s up there in my top five favorite things to do when I’m back home.  I came across a pocket sized album of one of their trips to Italy’s beaches — and then I sort of stole it.  When I commute, I flip through it and it makes me feel less dismal and even inspired.  That last drawing (bottom left), I tried drawing this upside down — I feel like I’ve been told that this can be a good way to practice drawing out of your comfort zone.  I don’t do it often or ever and that also goes for drawing with my left hand.  Know why?  Because then you have to admit to yourself that you draw like a child and not in that “artsy” way. But it’s good to exercise and do odd things like this and draw in pen so there’s no erasing.  Why must we go through life drawing so perfectly anyway?