Arcade Fire, The Wilderness Downtown

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The Wilderness Downtown is an interactive film directed by Chris Milk.  It’s unique to each user thanks to the über nerds at Google who together with Milk, set out on a quest to prove the awesomeness of html 5.  The experience features Arcade Fire’s “We Used To Wait” and at some moments, it’s so touching I thought my little black heart would melt. Especially when the video asked me to write or draw a postcard to my younger self.

postcard to myself

I had a little too much fun drawing. After the film ends, you can share your film and postcards with other users!

I’m not going to get techie with it.  Listen, you ready? Go the the site, play and enjoy.  Then go find out how the magic happens from the experts at WSJ Blogs.

Remember The Arcade Fire Presents “Neon Bible”? I was wondering how they were going to step it up after that one.

Fall, you can’t come soon enough for me.

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Some styles I’ll be needing for Fall 2010

Rag & Bone

Layers, preppy sweaters, knee socks

Alexander Wang

Oh, those thigh-high leg warmers

Alexa Chung for Madewell

Socks and sandals, tee-shirts and jackets

Anna Sui

Hats, tights, boots, patterns, love.

Shoes, bags, accessories, little flirty dresses

Necklaces, shrugs. That dress on the right makes me want to cheat on my dress.


This made me smile today

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A sketchy look at family life: Daddy’s on childcare duty while mummy gets the ice creams.

That little girl’s scream gets me every time.

Bird Box is an Animation and Illustration studio in the UK.  Watch more of their videos, they’re all short, cute and funny.


London calling to the underworld

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Joy gets on a plane and visits Patrick and I in England.

We take her to one of the two nightclubs in our small town.

Take a train to London. The conductor tells us the wrong track and we get stuck at the station for an hour.

We get some beer and take some photos.

We arrive at our hotel at midnight and they are closed. They leave instructions to go down to the left basement stairwell where we find a red traffic cone hiding our keys with further instructions to get to our rooms.

We wake up late and sit at a cafe, talk and take pictures. Eat some English food.

We wander around London.

We try to see some wax museum but the line is too long. We walk to Oxford Street.

We window shop, don't buy anything. Oxford Street looks just like New York so we cab it to some sights.

Before heading back to the hotel we stop at a small tavern near Big Ben.

Joy takes photos of us, taking photos of her.

We go to the London eye and decide it will be better at night.

Some guy with a camera shoves us out of the way. They shoot a Burger King commercial along the River Thames.

We miss the changing of the guards.

Our cab driver tells us to head to Shoreditch, East London for late night eats and drinks.

First we ride the London Eye. The city looks intense at night.

Take another cab to Shoreditch and hit The Diner before the bars. Share a $5 milkshake with bourbon in it.

We look for a bar and Joy almost becomes roadkill trying to cross the street. We find a pub that stays open til 3 then get some late night kabobs before heading back to our hotel. The End.


Os Gemeos – New Mural

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Via Gothamist: ARG!  I’m out of New York for 2 weeks and I missed this.  Oh well – my favorite twin graffiti artists, Os Gemeos, just finished their mural in Chelsea this week with Futura on the side of P.S. 11 William T. Harris Elementary School.

They partnered with New York City-based creative studio AKANYC and street art website 12ozProphet to create the 80 foot high mural.  It features their recognizable yellow faced character wearing pants with different flags painted with non-traditional colors to express international unity.  “The idea is ‘one world one voice’, no borders, no separation, just everything and everyone working together for a single cause that is a better world.” – Os Gemeos

Os Gemeos divide their painting mode in two, painting together, and starting and finishing each other’s works. Joy loves their work too, of course.

Photos courtesy of – check out their site for more incredible shots of the work in progress.


Alexander Wang’s Bootcut Leggings

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Everywhere I go I see girls walking around wearing leggings as if they are pants.  Put it away, ladies.  This is getting tired.  I live in leggings, alright?  I love them.  I wear them with everything, but I cover it up.  Even if you’re hot, even if you’re super skinny, you aren’t getting away with this – it looks trampy.

Oh no.

And, unfortunately, this is what happens when girls wear leggings (which are really thicker stockings) as pants.  The dreaded camel-toe in it’s natural habitat.  Via Zimbio.


And now for something a little different, Alexander Wang brings us the Ribbed Bootleg Legging.  Actually it’s not different.  They’re still leggings that will likely be worn as pants but now they flare at the ankle and cost $295.

Alexander Wang Bootcut Leggings $295

I’m not sure if I would wear these.  Maaaaaybe.  But I’ll be waiting until Urban Outfitters comes out with a pair for $15.

They remind me of when bell bottoms came back in the 90s.

Via Fashion Police


The Dress.

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Lovely Bridal Shop

Sara Seven at Lovely Bridal Shop

This adorable shop just opened on West 4th Street a few months ago. Some of the designers they carry are Sarah Seven, Watters (mine is a Watters dress!) Delphine Manivet, Nicole Miller and more.  They also carry a great selection of bridesmaid dresses and accessories. (Dresses range from $800 – $5000)

Etsy’s Wedding Section

Your Fairy Tale Wedding Shop on Etsy

The perfect resource for something completely unique and different.  You can find something vintage (might need some altering), handmade or custom, usually for way under $1000.  It’s a bit risky to order something online, but I’ve been ordering a ton of accessories, down to the personal flowers over etsy and have been really pleased.  There are also some super cute boleros for sale.

J Crew

J Crew Wedding

Look!  J Crew’s Wedding line is so cute and affordable (around $400 – $3000) Bonus, they carry accessories, bridesmaids dresses, shoes, etc.  I went to a J Crew sample sale with two of my best girls to try bridesmaid dresses for them and the three of us ended up having a Friends moment:

Friends, The One with all the Wedding Dresses


Anthropologie's Wedding Line, Launches Spring 2011

If you can wait until Spring 2011, you will be lucky enough to have an Anthropologie wedding dress. The new line will feature gowns ranging from $750 – $5000 and they’ll have accessories, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, flowers, invites, wedding planning, honeymoons … the whole package.  They make it so easy – I’m bitter that I can’t have one.

UPDATE (the BHLDN Shop is now available online)

Little White Dresses Everywhere

Top Shop $100

ModCloth $70

Your wedding dress doesn’t have to be an actual wedding dress.  This is great for girls who like to keep it simple, chic and best of all you can wear it again.  ModCloth has so many sweet options.


Tim Burton Sketches, Models and More

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Tim Burton, you slay me.  This installation was set up so that when the lights changed the room always looked a little creepy but then, in just the right light…

stain boy installation, moma

Stain Boy Installation, MoMA

Uh oh, there’s blood on the walls! There’s even a dead dude. To get a better look at the wonderful and sick humor, click on the image above.

Shame on me for waiting so long to post these. I’ll just leave them here to amuse and tickle your fancy.


background designs


dj character model

Yes, I was a bad girl and took pictures in the museum when the guard wasn’t looking. But look at this little dude!  I just don’t know which version of him is better.


Ah, it’s clearly the sketch..  That line work is so fluid and animated even as a still.

The therapist character reminds me of John Kricfalusi’s style, especially for Ren and Stimpy.

pregnant lady sketch

Pregnancy, through the eyes of Tim Burton.

tim burton illustration

Haha, this sketch is my favorite. That expression, those rubberhose legs and teeny arms and feet.

Kind of makes me think of  Ralph Steadman’s work as well…

political sketch

Tangent!  That character is wearing a giant polka dot bow.

– Joy

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

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Edgar Wright’s adaptation of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” stays true to Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel series. It’s so precise, that someone was able to recreate the movie trailer using the original shots from the comic.

AND this week, Adult Swim aired a 4 minute animated short – Scott Pilgrim vs. the Animation to promote the film.

scott pilgrim vs the world graphic images

photos via edgar wright,

Now it’s finally out in theaters! Of course – once I’m out of the country.  It won’t be released here overseas until August 25th. Boo. Did you dig it, America?  I’m jealous … especially after reading a rave review via Slash Film.

With the exception of those blindly dismissing the film as “hipster” (all of whom are apparently unaware that the hipster mentality is a source of constant ridicule throughout the film), the under-30 crowd is going to adore this movie. […] Future generations will begin to discover the film, and delight in the nostalgia-factor of a movie so married to its time—

Scott Pilgrim achieves so much, in such a short span of time. Its pace is relentless, yet flawlessly sustained throughout. Wright manages to condense six volumes worth of material from the graphic novels into less than two hours, and the result is the most successful live-action recreation of cartoon sensibilities that’s ever been released.

Rock! They gave it a 10 out of 10, pointing out that most of the negative reviews are coming from older critics who simply don’t “get it” and never will.  These are likely to be the same haters who are tired of Michael Cera and don’t think he should’ve been cast in the film.  Tired of Michael Cera? Where was I when this happened?  Mr. Cera, if you’re reading this, we think you’re absolutely brilliant.

Here. Awesome trailer put together by theMrBlonde2010 using the original shots from the graphic novel.

Official movie trailer…

Amazing recreation of the official movie trailer…

It’s so close I could cry. posted some entertaining pics, more proof of just how solid Wright’s version is.

All in all, I can’t wait to see this geek fest of a flick. Packed with subtle pop culture references (the best kind), 8-bit weapons, comic book text, Jason Schwartzman and rock songs by bands such as Broken Social Scene and Metric, what more could you ask for?


Thank God it’s Friday the 13th

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Well hello, all you friggatriskaidekaphobics!  Here are 13 unlucky things to avoid everyday but ESPECIALLY today:

friday the thirteenth

1. DO NOT walk underneath a ladder.

2. DO NOT let a black cat cross your path.  A black cat crossed my path on the 11th – phew, that was close!

3. DO NOT break a mirror.

4. DO NOT refuse a kiss under the mistletoe … in August.

5. DO NOT spill salt without throwing some over your left shoulder.

6. DO NOT open an umbrella indoors.

7. DO NOT pick up a penny that is tails up.

8. DO NOT put new shoes on the table.

9. DO NOT pass someone on the stairs.  On a busy day, you might not get anywhere.  Best to take the elevator.

10. DO NOT step on any cracks.  You’re welcome, Mom.

11. DO NOT look at an owl in daylight.

12. DO NOT kill a ladybug.

13. If a picture falls face-down by itself, someone will die.  Hrrmmm.  Not much you can do to avoid that one.


Joy and Noelle