Sofarsounds ‘Songs From A Room’

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passion ate dave

Songs From A Room’ is a series of secret pop-up music gigs in living rooms. I was invited to the secret show (in NYC, Oct. 27th) and at first, I thought I was going to the venue The Living Room (les).  Upon closer inspection I realized I would be attending someone’s living room had no idea what to expect. So exclusive! It was such a unique experience – pretty much as intimate as you can get.

It began over a year ago in the London living room of Passion Ate Dave.  He started Songs From A Room with two music fans (Rafe and Rocky) as a movement to support new music.

These evenings can always take place … the economic winds may blow cold, but this kind of thing can always happen.

He is passionate, it’s not just a clever name.

Here are some highlights from the evening…

Passion Ate Dave – “Home”

Linfinity – “Spanish Harlem” (cover)

Bear Hands – “What A Drag” (By the way, they changed their sound specifically for this session since sofarsounds can only accommodate acoustic music.  Pretty impressive.  I actually really like the song played this way! But you can go to their myspace page to hear how it normally sounds.

Kelley McRae – “Moonshiner” (cover) Side note: Kelley McRae and Passion Ate Dave will be playing live at The Living Room at 10:30 this evening!

I’m pretty excited about the future of Sofar, hoping that it leads them to host an evening in my backyard and we can call it Sofab!  I came up with that and am way too pumped about it.


Requiem for a Dream

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I hadn’t seen Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream in about 6 years until it was on last night.  Whenever I catch it on I can’t let it go – much like an addiction.  See what I did there?  I had to stop working to watch it and now I share a small clip with you.  I always found the Sara Goldfarb sequences to be the most disturbing.  Click on the image to watch on youtube.


366 Weird Movies

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366 Weird Movies is a project to create a list of the 366 Best Weird Movies of all time – one movie for each day of the year and an extra for leap years.  Every Saturday they feature a weird short.

Scritch-Scratch did pretty well for itself in the festivals and on youtube, but not everyone gets this strange little film.  It really made me happy to see that it ended up on the Saturday Shorts list on October 16th.

We’re honored to be included on the List with shorts like MUTO and Vincent as well as A Clockwork Orange, Donny Darko and many more feature films that I respect and admire.

You can suggest a weird film to make it on the List!  I’ve just suggested Jack and the Beanstalk, the Japanese version from 1974 and I plan to nominate more of my favorites.


Homemade Halloween – Beetlejuice Costume

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authentic Halloween costume

OK got the wig, now one whole costume to go.  Where to begin?  I like my Halloween costumes to be a little more creative than copying the original exactly.  That’s why I LOVE what Jennine did with her Beetlejuice costume below.

authentic halloween costume

Via  She pulled unique elements to make her costume that are classic Tim Burton style. The makeup is solid!

So begins my shopping spree! These were the most costly of my items but I couldn’t resist 🙂


TGFE (Thank God For Ebay) …


…and Etsy!  All other items were so reasonable.



See you on Halloween!


The Finished Costume

Beetlejuice and the Paddington Bear


I’m now selling this costume on eBay!


Halloween: You May Kiss the Corpse Bride

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Via “The Corpse Bride” for Vogue Korea, by Zo Sun Hi.  I love the abstract take on it and it’s really inspired me for my Halloween-Bachelorette tricks and treats.  And if I’m going to be something “bride,” I’m going to be a Tim Burton creation.

So the Corpse Bride is the big winner!  Most people make this costume scary but Adriana Lima is drop-dead.  More photos over at

I got an old 80s wedding dress from ebay:

Some purple + blue dye, fingerless gloves, a blue wig and viola!



I’m now selling this costume on eBay!


Animation Sequences – Spun

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Today, I bring you animated sequences from Spun (2002 independent film by Jonas Åkerlund)

The animation suits the grungy, druggy, and vile cult film.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen Spun.  Looking back to old trailers when writing this post,  I hate to say it reminds me of Requiem For A Dream.  I don’t like comparing the two – who can top Requiem?  But Spun holds a special place in my heart as far as frenetic drug freak films are concerned and BONUS, it features some quality animation by animator Murray John.

The scene depicts an intense pornographic hallucination. It’s pretty graphic but I dig the use of animation here, where the artist literally has no boundaries.

And Jason Schwartzman  rules all.

Hyperbole and a Half

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My fiance found this a couple of weeks ago and it’s my favorite. Hyperbole and a Half is written and illustrated by Allie Brosh, who describes her work as heroic, caring, alert and flammable.  Her style reminds me a lot of Don Hertzfeldt’s animated films – his characters are hand-drawn stick figures but he really knows how to tell a good story.

Here are a few stills from her most recent post, The God of Cake, where her mom bakes a cake for her grandpa’s birthday and 4 year old Allie becomes fixated on getting the cake from her mother.

“The entire scope of my existence would funnel down to the singular goal of obtaining and ingesting more sugar.”

“I had tasted cake and there was no going back.  My tiny body had morphed into a writhing mass of pure tenacity encased in a layer of desperation.”

“I would eat all of the cake or I would evaporate from the sheer power of my desire to eat it.”

“I followed her around doggedly, hoping that she would set the cake down – just for a moment.”

Click here to find out what happens and check out more of her posts, especially the Four Levels of Social Entrapment and The Party.


Animation Sequences – Youth In Revolt

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On a Michael Cera binge again, I decided to throw Youth In Revolt to the top of my Netflix queue and finally watched it. Delighted by Cera’s character as usual, I loved the film – but I’m a classic nerd and I’m much more excited about the fantastic animation sequences which were lightly besprinkled throughout.

Peter Sluszka directed 6 animations, of which 4 were chosen for the final cut.  Each section was created using different techniques.  Sluszka talks about his work in this interview.

Youth In Revolt - Title Sequence

Stop motion – the opening titles seamlessly linked the live action and the animation.

Youth In Revolt - Road Trip

Pixelation – shot with a digital still camera against green screen, thousands of the images were then printed and photographed again for the final animation.

Youth In Revolt - Hallucination

Traditional 2D Animation – hilarious … he does shrooms and then hallucinates, obviously the perfect time to introduce another animated bit. And since he’s a virgin, of course he’s going to visualize people having sex. The couples were drawn and colored by hand then added to the live action in post production.

Youth In Revolt - End Credits

Flash – used to create legendary ending credits. Lizzi Akana was one of the many animators who had worked on this section and she’s pretty sick, check out her stuff.  Among other things, she’s worked on Superjail and MGMT’s popular music video, Kids with Henry Thurlow.

More on animation in feature films coming up …

Nighty night,


Character Rotation

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How can you animate a character if you don’t know what he looks like from all sides?

I don’t create a rotation chart every time, but it is a good idea!  This little guy looks alright to me, but there are obvious flaws when he spins around.

Kind of looks like he’s dancing.

Wedding Inspiration – Kara and Shawn

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KARA AND SHAWN – 08.07.10 in Douglas, Wyoming

One of my best girls, Bird, was the Maid of Honor in her sister Kara’s wedding in August.  I’ve never met Kara or her husband Shawn, but I love them.  Enjoy these lovely photos as Kara tells us about their inspiring wedding.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Choosing the color chartreuse was simultaneously the best and most difficult part of wedding planning. There are A LOT of variations in chartreuse. My jumping off point for the rest of the wedding planning was the discovery of the bridesmaid dresses at The dresses were cute and economical for my bridesmaids given that most of them had to foot travel costs to make it to the wedding anyway. These dresses ended up being incredibly versatile and flattering everyone from the tall, twiggy girl down to the 6 month pregnant girl.

**Hey, it’s Noelle again.  I’m so excited that Kara got her Bridesmaid dresses at ModCloth.  I’ve even suggested getting your wedding dress from them.

My Dress: Was actually a cheap reproduction of a Manuel Mota dress. I had it made by an offshore company in China where I sacrificed details like buttons vs. zippers to reduce the price. I figured I’m wearing it once and it was worth the deficit in quality to spend part of the dress budget on other details of the wedding.

Headpiece: I found the headband on Etsy (Boring Sidney’s Shop) I was bummed out when featured a wedding with the same Lanvin right after I picked mine out- but I got over it when I realized like fashion itself, there is no such thing as a truly original wedding trend. For the ceremony I added a couple of cheap veils I had found at HobbyLobby and had the gal who styled me before the wedding add them so they would be easy to remove after.

Shoes: Shoes were another thing I didn’t want to spend a lot of the budget on given I had full intentions of kicking them off and wearing hideous (albeit comfortable) platform flip-flops. The shoes I wore in the ceremony were gold-detailed brocade heels I found on a costume website,, as part of a Marie Antoinette costume. They were perfect, especially with the rhinestone details which worked perfectly with the Brooch Bouquet I carried.

Rings: The rings were another Etsy find. I knew I couldn’t wear my vintage 30’s old mill cut diamond engagement ring everyday to do hair. Plus that ring is already such a stunner I knew nothing wedding band wise would look right next to it. After a couple of months of my husband going back and forth with “Dude, we need to find rings,” “Yeah I know, we’ll totally look for some rings,” and never producing results we lucked out with these.

**The Boys

Theatre: The Princess Theatre in Douglas, Wyoming

**I just love the idea of the bridal party walking down the theatre aisle AND holding the ceremony on stage.  Made for some pretty rad photos.

First Dance Song: “Did I Say?” by Teenage Fanclub

It was kind of hard to pace out a way to actually look cool dancing to this song, but it didn’t really matter because we were so caught up in each other we weren’t paying attention anyway.

More details:

Reception: The American Legion in Douglas, Wyoming

Planner: Maureen Morgan

**To see more photos of this stunning wedding, listen to Teenage Fanclub’s Did I Say whilst checking out her photographer’s site – Sarah Boyd, Photo de Novo

Love this – very Royal Tenenbaums.

Thanks for sharing your wedding with us guys!