England, Here are 10 Things I’ll Miss About You

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{image from my sketchbook project}

One week from today Patrick and I will be moving back to the states.  I’m sad, we liked life here.  It’s not you, England, it’s us.  Sorry it didn’t work out.

So, England – here are 10 Things I’ll miss about you

1.  The English don’t say, “How are you?”  They say, “You alright?”  My first day here, everyone was asking if I was alright.  Did I not look alright?

2.  A pub called The New Inn and a beer called Carling.

3.  Insults like “twat” and “piss off, knobhead.”

4.  I’ll actually miss the rain.

5.  The English don’t get mad.  They get cross.

6.  I WON’T miss how you can’t really order a good cocktail here, but it was worth mentioning.

7.  Taking the piss.

8.  In the summertime, it stays light out until 10PM.

9.  How my lady friends order a silly beverage called a Shandy : Beer and Sprite (which they also refer to as lemonade)

10.  I’ll miss all of our friends the most.  I’ll also miss how the TV show Friends plays 4 times a day here.  This meant a lot to the American who could not fit her DVD box set in her luggage 6 months ago.

You were an adventure, England.  We’ll never forget you.



Photobooth DIY

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Photobooths are fun.  We wanted to have one for our wedding this past November but they can be a bit pricey.

SO – my photographer Lisa and I decided to put together a makeshift photobooth with a backdrop she had, curtains, bunting, frames from my grandfather, and masks from Marco Designs on Etsy.  My designer Heather made a fun sign to jazz it up.  I believe the total cost was about $50.  And the photos …


The King’s 6th Finger

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The King’s 6th Finger – Written by Jolby and Rachel Roellke, Illustrated by Jolby (Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols)

Found this the other day mindlessly scrolling through Drawn.  I love the illustrations, color and story:

It’s about an OCD King named Mortimer who is obsessed with the number 5. He has 5 towers on his castle, 5 knights on 5 horses … he’s obsessed.  Until one day he looks down at his hand and discovers that he’s grown a 6th finger.

You can get the book at their Etsy Shop for $16.95.  Visit Jolby and Friends blog to see more of their work.

They funded the project with donations from friends and supporters at kickstarter.com.  Their goal was $6,000 and they reached $8,000.  Such a good idea for funding, Joy, maybe we should do this?

They are trying to reach $10,000 to get more books printed and to make a donation to a charity for OCD.  I like people who use their art powers for good.  See their project here.


The Sketchbook Project: DONE!

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On my way to the post office to hand in my book for the Sketchbook Project. Sniff, sniff.  I feel like I just had a baby and am now responsible for this little, messed-up version of me floating out there in the world.  I wonder if she will hate me, blaming me for all of her problems.  Maybe she will remember me fondly?  Happy thoughts, little book.  I did my best.

She did inspire a couple of short film ideas, which I can get to work on now that she’s out of my life.

Here are some of the 40 drawings I did.  I left little hidden notes and pictures between the pages.  I hope those who flip through it have fun.

– Noelle

Draw Your Nightmare

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I’ve decided to take on The Sketchbook Project.

The bad news is I’ve been having bad dreams every night for about a month now. The good news is I have material for my book.

I dream in angry birds.



Ride with Larry

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One of my best friends, Heather Francovitch, is a designer at EGR International.  They recently became involved in the production of an independent documentary directed by Andrew Rubin and Ricardo Villarreal called “Ride with Larry.” The subject of the film is Larry Smith who, after almost 20 yrs with the Parkinson’s, plans to bike across his state of South Dakota to raise awareness and inspire others.  He will ride from June 21st to June 25th – that’s 280 miles.

Heather had the pleasure of working with the team, developing the new logo and website, ridewithlarrymovie.com, to help promote the documentary.

Please watch the trailer.  It’s a great story.

The route from Aberdeen SD to Vermillion SD has been chosen so that Larry can speak to a different Parkinson’s Association of South Dakota support group at each day’s stop.

You can follow their progress on the blog.

If you would like to help, there are 20 days left to make a donation.  Every dollar will be used to finish making the film and later send off to studios and film festivals.


Hey Animation Geeks!

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Want some free food, booze and cartoons, just like when we were kids?  Then you’re in luck.  It’s time for the annual Animation Screening at Kodak!

Wednesday, January 12th, 6PM at The KODAK Theater in NYC

360 West 31st street (between 8th and 9th ave)

You will see the best new films from Tiny Inventions, Andy Kennedy, Bill Plympton, Pat Smith, Signe Baumane, Dave Levy and Ruth Lingford. Filmmakers will be in attendance for a Q and A Following. RSVP REQUIRED

{image via Cargo Collective}


Becoming the Black Swan

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black swan

Saturday – Worked way too hard all day, took a “nap” and crashed until 10pm. Gnawing hunger pangs woke me up.  Got takeout and had just about 10 minutes to either do nothing with my night or catch a movie.  Mmeeeeeeellllllloow weekend but I’m so dead from the holidays that I can’t. Party. Anymore. Must repeat mantra.  So tagged along to the movies with friends and it turned out to be an impromptu lovely double date.

Black swan is a trip.  Darren Aronofsky wrote a great script and it’s so intense at times that I can’t look. Some scenes hurt to watch and that’s what I love about his films. When it ends, it feels like the first steps off of a rollercoaster ride – I’m giddy but maybe feel like crying while smoking a cigarette – it’s so satisfying that I want to go ’round again. Just the same way I felt the first time I’d watched Requiem for  a Dream, actually.

The shots are disorienting, as if you’re in the mind of Natalie Portman’s character as she spirals down the toilet of obsession and you feel like you’re going insane with her. It’s kind of relateable in a scary way.  I know I’ve had that crazed feeling — needing to be the best at something.  Everyone has lost control at some point, right? Hopefully not to this extreme.  Also, the dancing is very beautiful but at the same time very, very real. Ballet is not glamorized and it’s not “warm and fuzzy”. Some of my favorite shots were the ones where she was breaking in her shoes, tearing them apart and sewing them back together.

black swan

Bonus!  I’m always excited about animated clips in film.  Black Swan has a *very small* animation sequence which I managed to find.  Alert! it’s not really a spoiler, but just thought I’d mention to beware so it doesnt’ give anything away if you haven’t seen the film.

By the way, I do not claim to own any part of this video, just sharing!

After seeing a brilliant movie like this, there is nothing to do but watch cartoons all night. I need to relax and let my brain unmelt.


North Dixie Drive

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My lady Jasmin Way just finished editing a documentary that will screen this week in Brooklyn!  I can’t go because I am across an ocean and I can’t swim that fast, but you can still make it to this advanced screening.

Directed by NY debut filmmaker, Eric Mahoney, “North Dixie Drive” is a portrait of a small community of businesses and people residing in a tiny section of Dayton, OH. It is the story of big time wrestlers, mechanics, a donut salesmen, a homeless country singer, barbers, strippers and car repo men. This eccentric collection of people live and work around a traffic circle situated along highway I-75, and fight to keep their lives and careers afloat in a failing economy.

Wed, Jan. 12th, 7:30PM
622 Degraw St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

Here’s some press on the event: BeaconPass.com

Don’t miss it!  There’s limited seating so get your tickets online, only $5 to help an up and coming artist.


a birthday card

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dear joy,