Hey Dad! Beavis and Butt-head are coming back!

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I know MTV announced this like a week ago, but this is for all of the kids out there that were too busy drawing pictures to see it … like me.

MTV’s Beavis and Butt-head was always playing at my house when I was Young Noey of the 90s.  Joy, my dad and I would all huddle in front of the TV, taping the episodes on VHS and watching them over and over again.  When I was in 11, I desperately wanted to get a T-shirt of Beavis saying “I am The Great Cornholio!” but my Grandpa wouldn’t let me.  He didn’t get it.

My dad could NOT get enough of that show and I can’t wait to tell him Mike Judge and MTV are bringing back Beavis and Butt-head to make fun of the Jersey Shore and viral videos.

Huhhh huhh huh … cool … huhh huh.


Lately, I’m thinking about love.

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Maybe it’s her fault.


Damn those beautiful wedding dresses. Anthropologie is also to blame with their new wedding line, BHLDN. Before dresses, shoes, hair pieces, lingerie, stationery, and ideas were born at BHLDN, brides and their maids of honor didn’t have it so easy. Many a girl is cursing the day she decided to get married before Anthropologie released the line.

Visiting the online shop is the loveliest of ways to spend an afternoon – in front of a computer, wink. Everything is special and delicate and magic, that it reminds me — this time last year I was helping my sister get ready for her wedding.

Noey is artistic and chose unique details for their wedding that really expressed their personalities. Friends all shared their talents from designing the invitations to the photography – their wedding had a really personal touch.



I was the maid of honor OBVIOUSLY. But I was, still am, and might always be a newbie at the wedding stuff. So, together with the guidance from my unrelated sister, Hef, we tried to come up with a creative D.I.Y shower and bachelorette.

Hef made fill-in-the-blank notes for the guests to give to Noey at the shower. We put them and the favors in little baskets from The Container Store!


For her bachelorette, we booked a room at the Ace Hotel and went out with a bunch of our girlfriends on Halloween.

Can’t really go wrong there.


So fun to reminisce.

Love! Love! Love!


Little Pictures

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My camera finally arrived from Art House! I’m officially part of the AMLP Photomobile tour – a tour for photography.

Sign up, and after waiting by the door for a few days, a disposable camera arrives. Remember disposable cameras? You have 27 shots to tell a story or represent a theme. Pick a theme, or you can let them decide for you. Afraid that I might get stuck with “Florescent lights”, I chose “Pictures and descriptions.”

After you print your photos and send them on their way, the Art House team will take a journey to museums across America with a traveling library of photos from around the planet.

Ever since my camera was delivered 10 minutes ago, all I can think about is what to capture!

Do I need inspiration?

Yes. Lots.

This is a photo of Jim’s grandparents when they were courting — one of my favorite pictures with a description, and this is why…

{Charles and Anne Dougherty}


The most romantic images ever are the paintings of young love by Norman Rockwell.

{Courting Couple At Midnight – Post cover, March 22, 1919}

But here is my interpretation —


The Sketchbook Project: Sasha Kiseleva

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Found this talented lady while I was aimlessly clicking through the different Sketchbook Projects submissions.

I love the detail in her pen and ink work.  These characters are so unique, I can almost see them coming to life on each page.  Sasha is from Russia, but has travelled all over the world, honing her craft as an illustrator.

Click here to flip through Sasha’s sketchbook OR you lucky New Yorkers can go see it in person at the Brooklyn Art Library – the exhibit’s only up for 3 more days!


Cassius – I Love U So

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Thanks, Peter Ahern, for bringing this video to my attention.

It’s fun!  Videos that play with variety vs. constants get me every time, it JUST works. Also cool use of the iPhone in a music video. Reminds me of that band that plays with the iPhone on the subway, Atomic Tom.

I downloaded the free app for some giggles on this uneventful Wednesday afternoon. Maybe I’ll have to submit my own video to the daily motion now?


The Backwater Gospel

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The Backwater Gospel, the bachelor project of 8 students, is my new favorite short from the Animation Workshop.  It has everything I look for in terms of story, music, design and animation.  I love the gritty texture overlay and the detailed, dark outlines of the characters.  The sound design and pace of the film really help to create tension as the people get more and more panicked.  I also find the end credits to be quite amusing.

It has a certain “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street” Twilight Zone quality, where the townsfolk turn on each other as their fear and paranoia take over.  Only the Undertaker is the observer of the destruction rather than the aliens.

Everyone knows that concept art is probably the most fun thing about making an animated film, and their blog is full of early character sketches and background designs if you want to geek out over it.



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chalkboard paint

grays + yellows

deep muted green

deep muted green, rust, gold

It’s about time our walls got some color.  I really love the deep muted green of the last image.

I also want a nightstand that tells me to SLEEP.

{via apartment therapy}


First stop on the Sketchbook Project Tour: Brooklyn!

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The first exhibition on the Sketchbook Project Tour is in Williamsburg THIS WEEKEND.

The Brooklyn Art Library
103A N 3rd St
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211

The books will be available to view from Feb 19 – Feb 27 and then they are off to the Austin Museum of Art in TX during SXSW.

The tour will go across the country through the summer.  Go here to see when the Sketchbook Project Tour will land in a city near you.


80s Favorite #2: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 1986

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Only the meek get pinched. The bold survive.



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I received a gift (of sorts) in my email the other day from my dear friend, Kelly Sharp.

“For reasons that are entirely my own, I recently searched ‘bitches’ in my gmail archives and found some real gems. It occurred to me that my friends probably also had some gems, so for a few days I asked them (y’all) to search ‘bitches’ in your gmail and send me what came up. As it turns out, what happens when you search bitches is, you find bitches.”

Kelly now has a lovely collection of these findings on her site – it really is the gift that keeps giving.

Take a minute and search your archives — the results are pretty hilarious. If you find something worth sharing, SUBMIT bitches!

Here are some of my favorites…

searchin bitches by kelly sharp

searchin bitches by kelly sharp

searchin bitches by kelly sharp