Remember that Peculiar Parade thing?

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The Peculiar Picture Parade Joy and I put together at 92YTribeca last night couldn’t have been more fun.  The theater is small which makes for a really chill screening with the nearest and dearest.

Look at all the pretty faces

Joy and I surprised everyone with a film we did just for the Parade called “Place Stamp Here.”  It’s based on a short story by Kelly Sharp and the three of us made the film in about a month.  The music was done by The Chandeliers with Zach Knox on piano.

Thanks again to Brett W. Thompson for making the event flyer.

Brett Thompson rocks

There was a fantastic audience reaction from each film.  Our Q+A session with the filmmakers covered animation, crunch berries, sex and death.

Jessica Polaniecki, Brett Thompson, Dusty Grella, Signe Baumane and Kelly Sharp

Joy Vaccese, Lori Samsel, Katie Cropper and Noëlla Borie

Please enjoy the Signal Film by Taylor Armstorng – it is a 25 second documentary about how Joy and I put this lil animation show together.

And that’s how the magic happens boys and girls.

Here is the list of films in the screening:

One Minute Puberty by Alexander Gellner

Snack Track by Lori Samsel

Matter Fisher by David Prosser

Nosy Bear by Fran Krause

The Face Shop by Noëlla Borie

Sugar by Katie Cropper

The Backwater Gospel by The Animation Workshop – Bo Mathorne Schou-Nielsen

Place Stamp Here by Joy Vaccese, Noelle Melody and Kelly Sharp

Boobatry by Leah Shore

Masks by Patrick Smith

Letterbox by Dusty Grella

Animation Hotline Series by Dusty Grella

My Mother’s Coat by Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits

Animated GIF by Josh Burgraff

Fluidtoons Part 1 by Brett W. Thompson

Guard Dog Global Jam by Bill Plympton

To Have and To Hold by Jessica Polaniecki

Matatoro by Mauro Carraro

Excerpt from Rocks in My Pocket (Suicide) by Signe Baumane

Fluidtoons Part 2 by Brett W. Thompson

Thanks to all the filmmakers and friends who made it out.  Christina at 92Y invited us back anytime, so hopefully we will do this again soon.


Winifred Bean

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I have a Guest Post up on one of my favorite wedding blogs, Winifred Bean, today!

It’s a short story about my psycho search for my wedding dress last year.  I hope you all enjoy, relate to or learn from to this extra dose of crazy.


Wedding Feature

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I’ve been so busy lately (with some great projects) but haven’t had any time to write at all.

So!  I thought I’d share something awesome in the meantime.

Our wedding was featured on Events by Sarah Elizabeth today!  She’s just lovely and wrote me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I would like to share some of my ideas and inspirations in the planning.  And SO if you aren’t sick of hearing me go on and on yet, Mom, you can head over there so see more photos and details about the day.

me + my Joy. it's not OUR wedding, obviously. this picture is just so cute.

Sarah rocks.


One Minute Puberty

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11: – a studio in Berlin, Germany, that likes to illustrate and animate the world.  And it also likes cats.

Written and Animated by Alexander Gellner

Track and Sound Design by Niklas A Kröger

Gellner’s film illustrates what it feels like for boys to go through puberty.  Mind is blown.  Someone should do a girl version, we go through some changes.

{via Motionographer}


Kill Your Friends

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Opening title sequence created by Kris Clarkin as his thesis project.  It’s for a proposed film adaptation of the book “Kill Your Friends,” based in London in 1997 when ‘Britpop’ is at its height.

I found Clarkin’s title sequence very entertaining, playfully integrating the names of the cast and crew into items found in the apartment with quick cuts to flashbacks from the main character’s life – sex, drugs and debauchery.

The book opens with a quote from Hunter S. Thompson, which summarizes the essence of the novel:

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs. There is also a negative side.

{via Forget the Film, Watch the Titles}.

I think I need to read this book now.


Queens Comfort

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Queens Comfort is a new addition to the magical neighborhood of Astoria! Featured on Amuse * Bouche, the southern-style restaurant just opened last week and their comfort food looks simply glorious. They serve a Maple Bacon Buttermilk Biscuit. Did you hear that? There isn’t one thing about the dish that doesn’t sound appealing. To top it off, they serve Stumptown coffee from Brooklyn. Sold! Click here to see more delicious images from Queens Comfort.

I can’t wait to stroll on over and visit this homey and heavenly place. Living less than 10 minutes away, I shall be a regular – for sure. If I look like I put on a couple (hundred) pounds the next time you see me, the biscuits will take the blame.



Always a Bride, Never a Bridesmaid

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I can’t wait to protect the bride from evil spirits and guests plotting to curse the marriage.

Yeah, I know.  Most girls are over this job but I really can’t wait to be a bridesmaid.

I will literally put your head back on when it falls off.

Enjoy this little short, animation by motion designer Nicolas Girard.



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A music video from Keaton Henson’s album, “Dear …” Click the photo of the suicidal puppet to watch.

Directed by David WilsonJohn Malcolm Moore and Keaton Henson.

Even though the song makes me just as sad as this lonely puppet, I’m going to buy his album.

These three talented lads also worked together on this NEXT insane music video in 20 days back in September.  I remember I wanted to write about it at the time but my mind bent a little bit watching it and I forgot.  Here it is now, in all it’s melting, acid flashback glory:


Dear Creatures

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My favorites from the Dear Creatures Spring 2011 Collection.

Gretal Dress in Chambray

Par Avion Dress in Navy and Feather Print

Pagoda Blouse in Navy Oxford

Pacific Romper in Black/White Plaid and Navy Diamonds

Blossom Dress in Navy Chambray and Red/Gold Plaid

From designers Bianca Benitez and Rob Sinclair.  This is their style.

I love each new collection they come out with, so sweet and reminiscent of another time and another place.  Plus, I’m pretty sure those are TWINS in their new look book, which just makes me adore them even more.  I can even tell them apart, it’s the eyebrows.  Twins are weird.

From the Fall 2010 Collection- Avalon Dress and Diggers Cardigan

This Avalon Dress is now on sale!  I neeeeeeed it.  Shop Dear Creatures here.