the dumbest sh*t i ever saw

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hello children!  mickey with steve buscemeyes has an important announcement:

brought to you by metcalf loves you and twins are weird.

don’t let this fall through your crack!  for more information on the deadline and rules (that’s right, we made RULES damnit) go to our Dumb Sh*t tumblr.  it has the bokeh!


Poster child

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Did you feel that?  It’s film festival time.  And when it’s festival time, we make trailers and posters.

Joy and I designed the poster for the Charleston International Film Festival again!  (see last year’s poster)

We looooove this festival.  I can’t wait for the animation screening where we’ll show our FINISHED new short, Place Stamp Here.

We’ll be screening alongside Patrick Smith’s Masks as well as some more great films on May 19th – 4PM at the American Theater.



Sleep is optional.

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Sometimes, when Joy and I are supposed to be working on a million other things, we make a film instead.

This inevitably leads to a string of sleepless nights fueled by pots of coffee and takeout.  Our friends think we’re crazy and our mom calls to make sure we’re not dead, but it’s really fun when it pays off.

One of our Festival Bumpers, (the one for the Martha’s Vineyard Film Fest 2010) is up for an award at the ASIFA East Festival on May 1st!

And our brand new film, Place Stamp Here – which we made with the fantastic Kelly Sharp – will be screening at the Charleston International Film Festival on May 19th.

Sleep is optional.



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You know when you’re on an airplane and you’re 10 minutes from your destination and the pilot makes an announcement that because of bad weather they are going to turn the plane around and head back to the original airport?

I love that.

BUT.  I loved the 4 hours I had to wait until my next flight even more.  So I took myself out to a fancy dinner at the Charlotte Airport California Pizza Kitchen.  Tired and deflated, I checked my email expecting to find nothing fun.  Then, a happy surprise!  Lovely Bride featured our wedding!  That really brightened up my lousy day.  The ladies from Lovely emailed me last week to ask us some questions and I geeked out.  I read Lovely all through our wedding planning – I’ve even written about them in the past.

So check it out, if you are currently planning your wedding I recommend the Lovely blog – they are the cutest.