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I’ve been giving puzzles as gifts, hoping to turn everyone I know into a geek like me..

Birthday present for our gramps. 2 pieces were missing (damn you Toys “R” Us) but he finished it!


Class Notes

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Yesterday, James and I received a class note. Or 12!

Thanks guys, my heart is bursting!

A few weeks ago, James Buran and I had the chance to be a part of Career Day at Newbridge Elementary School in Bellmore. We met with 3 classes of 4th graders and explained that being an animator is the best job ever. After that we shot a series of still images of each one of them jumping in the air and later animated it to look like they were flying. Later it was cartoon time and we sat in the back of Mrs. Buran’s classroom, showing them different examples of animation – their favorite was the work I’ve done for MAD on Cartoon Network


Two Headed Girl

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Watercolor by Gabrielle Rose aka draw gabby draw on Etsy.


Funky Junk Interiors

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Donna Williams of Funky Junk Interiors was recently featured on Apartment Therapy.  She is a pro blogger known for her unique decorating and her one of a kind furniture.  I’m overwhelmed by the charming details in her home but what really gets me is that she made almost everything in it by hand, a mix of salvaged wood, metal and natural elements.

Donna calls this her white trash bedroom since everything in it was, more or less, garbage.  She made that headboard with a gate from the dump, an old door from a burn pile and everything else from thrift stores.  She uses ordinary objects in new, surprising ways.  Think dada or surrealism for the home.

This is not a meat grinder.

Vintage ironing board turned lamp.

Head over to the Unique Projects section where she teaches you how to make anything from a mattress spring bulletin board to a staircase made completely of old crates.

I know.  You can read more about this talented lady over at Apartment Therapy.

Joy + James’ apartment is full of vintage finds and DIY projects.  Every time I visit I’m impressed with their creativity and playfulness in the décor.  See James’ tutorial on how they turned an old ice box into an entertainment unit.

My new favorite hobby is bouncing around the antique stores downtown and finding interesting things to play with.  We’re going today and I’m excited to see what we’ll find!  Last time I went I got an old shipping crate for the foot of the bed and some shutters we plan to make a headboard with.  Funky Junk is really inspiring me to be more imaginative.


Our Dad

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thank you for being our human jungle gym when we were little.

thank you for passing down your bad habit of always being late.  our friends call this being “on twin time” we think it’s pretty great.

thank you for always being a model of hard work and diligence.  you are the reason we believe that sleep is optional.

thank you for teaching us how to bowl.  it’s a weird skill that we’re glad we have.

thank you for being able to fix ANYTHING that gets broken.

we love you, dad.  happy father’s day!

joy + noelle

Packed: engagement ring hidden in your wallet

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So you’re a guy (or a very brave girl) and you’re about to pop the question, but you just don’t have anywhere to hide that bulky ring box …

Andrew Zo has created a jewel case that could be hidden in a wallet but when presented, has a  a surprise element that mimics a flower blossoming.

“Packed” is a series of packaging designs with a specific focus on paper and structure.

{see more photos over at thedieline}


Congrats Heather + Greg!

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Our good friends Heather + Greg just got engaged yesterday!  They are wonderful people who are so fun, I just know their wedding is going to be a party to remember.

Heather is a talented graphic designer who is responsible for the décor behind so many beautiful weddings (including mine!) and I LOVE her so I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for their special day.

Congrats to you both!  We love you guys.

{image via my pinterest}


The Making of Place Stamp Here

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It’s a trailer!  Watch, if you please.

Sometimes, films aren’t planned. Place Stamp Here was an accident. Shhh, a happy accident, darling.

“I realized that sometimes my favorite part of my job is that my chair swivels, so maybe I need to more actively pursue other, more creative, more lovely projects.” – Kelly Sharp

And then Kelly sent us her charming script.

When she talks, Kelly goes off on these tangents that are wonderful and natural and so insisting that she narrate the script exactly how she’d described it to us in an email, we moved forward with our take on how to tell the story visually…

To the storyboards.

place stamp here storyboards

Cute … we could’ve drawn the whole film that way. But at the same time  1.) I sort of loved finishing a film in such a timely fashion and  2.) I really loved using the actual trinkets and the things we’ve all collected on all of our travels. Which also made the process unique and interesting. And amazing!

The music really tied the film together — composed by Jasmin Way, Carter Logan and Hannah Rawe of The Chandeliers with Zach Knox on piano.

It was so fun to collaborate and we’re so lucky to be surrounded by such creative types. We all thought of it like this — maybe we’re broke and maybe didn’t plan on making another film … but it’s festival season which equals fun. Motivation!

We used different techniques like shooting the stop-motion elements, combining traditional animation with cut-outs, watercolor, photographs. It’s um, a cornucopia of mixed media.

But OK, my favorite part was making coffee-stained paper for the backgrounds.

Mmmmm coffee makes anything possible.