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Some of you may have heard by now, but we are thinking about moving back up to NY next year.  Yay!  So exciting.  One of the areas we are thinking of building our next little nest is upstate NY and I am falling in love with the victorian-era homes scattered about up there.  Here are some gingerbread houses I’ve been drooling over this past week.


everybody’s kickin it back

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Still from "The First Time CeeCee Did Acid" by Noelle Melody

Odds are the show is probably your basic dumb shit . But then you sort of think well maybe it’s beyond dumb, maybe it’s a ra-tard. Maybe it’s something really cool that you don’t even know about. And uh, and you started feeling like you definitely wanna be a part of it.

I’ve got to celebrate this teaser for the show, created by Taylor Armstrong.

Showcasing our submissions of half-cocked short-shorts, we promise you’ll be disturbed and/or left in great dismay.

It’s all happening at Glasslands this Wednesday, July 13th at 8pm — come experience some dumb shit AND drink a cold beer at the same time.


Winifred Bean Gowns

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Don’t you sort of wish you waited to get married until the Winifred Bean wedding gowns launched?

Angela Broyles Curanaj, who I’m very happy to call a good friend of mine, started this wedding dress line named after her grandmother, Sally Winifred Bean.

If you are interested in ordering one of these gorgeous dresses, they are available for presale.  Just contact angela@winifredbean.com


home inspiration

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master bedroom

guest room


{images via my pinterest boards}