Oh, The Green Album

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When I like something musical, I tend to destroy it – I mean absolutely KILL it over and over and over again.  You know I’m the one holding the knife, right?

So I’m on a bit of an Airborne Toxic Event kick lately.  After exhausting two of their albums in the last two days, I ran over to the iTunes store like a tweaking junkie looking for more.  That’s when I came across The Green Album, a new collection of Muppet songs covered by some of my favorite artists, including Airborne Toxic Event, Andrew Bird, OK Go, Sondre Lerche and more!

{OK Go cover “The Muppet Theme Song”}

You guys!  This album is sooooooooo goooooood.  I feel young again when listening to “Bein Green.”  Andrew Bird sings in his lovely voice, “being green is all I wanna be,” and seven-year-old Noey feels happy about who she is, a dorky little art kid in Catholic school.  Don’t you love how music can do that?

Still though, sometimes you dream of being someone else, just like Gonzo.  That’s where “Wishing Song” comes in (covered by Airborne Toxic Event.) By the end of the song, you’re still you and you are okay with that.

Don’t you wish you knew what I was talking about?  Don’t you want any of this to make sense?

Come on, smile with me.  Listen to the full album, streaming now on NPR.



noticing a pattern: chevron

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{images via bash please studio // kelly + olive DIY // urban outfitters zigzag rug // gretchen jones chevron necklace}

It’s been around for a while and seems to be everywhere I look – chevron + zig zags. Lately I’ve been pinning images of it and I can’t really stop, so I’m suddenly finding myself longing to get out the painter’s tape and DIYing myself some chevron on the furniture, walls or anything else I can get my hands on.  I’m obsessed.

I’m currently saving my pennies for that gretchen jones chevron necklace.



DIY Project: Record Art

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Making stuff is the best. However, I need a good reason to take on DIY projects because unfortunately, my fun plans are bigger than my ability to actually carry them out. SO since yesterday was my friend’s birthday, I had an excuse to try a project that I’ve been dying to work on. And what could be better than to make her something special from my little heart? Look what she made me for my birthday! A book of our 12 Days of Christmas illustrations.

{thoughtful + adorable}

I wanted to give her something unique + handmade, so I turned to some inspiration. Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess posted a really creative DIY Project: Song Lyric Wall Art. It’s a cool idea — take a song lyric and spell it out in letter stickers overtop a painting. Then cover the whole image in spray paint. Once the paint dries, peel off the stickers so the painting is revealed in the letters.

BUT aside from the spray paint, I didn’t have any of those other things. Time to be resourceful.

Step 1: Supplies! White spray paint, an old record + artist tape. You can really use whatever you want. I chose a record because honestly, it was all that I had! The artist tape comes in all sorts of sizes, but a thin one works best. I always have some lying around because I like to think I’m crafty.

Also, you must find a wonderful quote. I went with her favorite author and selected a line from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, Season of Mists: ” ‘The devil made me do it.’ I have never made one of them do anything. Never. ” ~ Lucifer

Step 2: I wrote the quote out in pencil first, that way it was easy to trace it over in tape.

Step 3: Trace over in tape…

Step 4: Spray! Cover the entire surface in paint. But it’s so annoying, you have to lightly coat and allow it to dry for a minute, then spray another light coat and so on. This took about 100 coats … or forever.

Step 5: Allow the paint to dry for 20 – 30 minutes and then peel away the tape.

It’s probably a good idea to cover with a protective finish. I used shellac.

But that’s it!  Yay! I like how it turned out.




Sugar Freak

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My love-at-first-sight experience with this place was like a movie scene. I was heading out to grab dinner in my neighborhood. I walked by Sugar Freak, fell on my face mid-double take + forgot all about that other restaurant.

Because Sugar Freak looks like…

There’s just a twinge of guilt when I mentally cheat on my apartment, dreaming daily about this interior design. I want those mismatched chairs + pillows. I want a lamp made from milk bottles + that shabby chic hutch. I want to gut an old TV + turn it into a kitchen cabinet. I want a bucket sink in my bathroom!

Is it shallow that this place was so pretty, I didn’t care what the food tasted like?

That’s only a little bit true. The quaint setting is the perfect place to sip refreshing drinks + savor every tasty bite of homestyle goodness. The menu is Louisiana cookin’, serving yummy classics like spicy jambalaya, mac-n-cheese + all kinds of po’boys. The chess pie dessert, it’s served in a mason jar.

Bradley Hawks of Amuse * Bouche wrote a great article in this month’s issue of Boro Magazine, featuring Sugar Freak as well as 14 other new restaurants that have recently opened in Western Queens, which he calls “The World Kitchen”… it’s apt.


I Want My Hat Back

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Jon Klassen is an artist I have always admired, I just didn’t know it.

Today I accidentally stumbled upon his latest project – a children’s book coming out this fall called “I Want My Hat Back.”  Enjoy the adorable trailer here:

The bear’s hat is gone, and he wants it back.  Yep, I can just tell this story is going to keep me on the edge of my seat.

I originally found Klassen on my favorite greeting card site.  If I’ve ever sent you real mail, chances are it was a Red Cap Cards greeting card.  I love em, can’t get enough.  Look!  I got this one for my husband’s 30th birthday:

I got the card because it’s obviously the best.  Turns out it’s a Jon Klassen card.

He’s also responsible for the visual development drawings for Coraline.

Klassen was also the designer behind U2’s “I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight” video, directed by David O’Reilly (although the character designs were David’s).

Now that I know the artist behind so many of my favorites, “I Want My Hat Back” is at the top of my list of Things I Want to Buy For Your Kids.

Available for pre-order here.  I can’t wait for fall!


Untamed Petals

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100 layer cake has a new Pop-Up shop for you today, featuring Untamed Petals.

This time last year, one of my favorite things to do when I should have been working was shop for wedding head gear.  Although sometimes they were more fun to look at than actually buy.  $300 + ?  Yeah …

I love LOVE love the Untamed Petals halo headband I found for my own wedding and yes, I still wear it.  My lady Angie of Winifred Bean has even recommended them as one of her favorite headpiece designers in the past.

Amanda from Untamed loves everything romantic, chic + sparkly and she handcrafts each piece just for you.  Usually really affordable, today they are BEYOND.

Some favorites:

Double Poppy Headband // $72.50 // reg $145

Wild Silk Chiffon Dahlia // $82.50 // reg. $165

Encrusted Leaf Clip // $82.50 // reg. $165

Sale ends on Aug 12, so even if you’re not engaged you should just get them for some sparkle.

See the full collection over at UntamedPetals.com


smile at your sister: JULIA POTT

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Smile at your sister is my new favorite spot to stop by and visit for a while.  They recently wrote about our lady friend and animator Julia Pott, asking her about dreams, life and love:

” … my first career aspiration as a child was to be a balloon. it seemed like a very feasible choice but as I got older I started to think about the ins and outs of becoming a balloon and I lost the ambition. after that I went straight on to wanting to be an animator and never really explored anything else …”

Please read the entire interview here, it’s so worth it.


30 motion tests in 30 seconds

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I’ll just shut up and let motion designer Steffen K explain it to you:

“Over a period of 30 days I challenged myself to created 1 second of animation every day. The idea was to experiment and explore workflow in the software package Cinema 4D and publish one frame from my experiments daily..

The rules:
-Animate 1 second everyday
-Publish one frame daily at blog.steffenk.net
-Put it all together to approx. 30 seconds of animation”

You can see the individual 1 second tests over at his blog.

I’m a big fan of exercises in variety vs. constants and envious of his motivation to do something like this.  Not only is it a great challenge but it gives you simple, quick filler for your reel that would definitely stand out.

1 second a day … maybe I’ll start tomorrow?  Off to a good start already.


The bride wants a theme shower.

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I have fun friends and we enjoy any excuse to dress up.  This means theme parties and we really get into it.

A Retro Housewife Bridal Shower might be in the works for a friend of mine.  My advice for the maid of honor would be:

1.  Get this “How to be a Good Wife” bridal shower game on etsy for $8.  Inspired by an actual article from Housekeeping Monthly in 1955, you get a PDF customized with your details. Just buy, download and print yourself.

2.  Print 1950s housewife illustrations and add these hilarious captions from Anne Taintor.  My favorite is, “The secret ingredient is resentment.”  Stick them in white frames and voila – centerpieces.

3.  You need to look the part and NO WHINING ABOUT IT.  This is fun, remember?  Here is are some retro worthy dresses over at ModCloth.  Don’t forget your red lipstick.

4.  Color scheme.  I think you should choose cherry red and turquoise.

5.  You’ll need this “Sweet Dreams” paper banner from Catbird because it’s turquoise and I love it..

6.  Play 50s music and serve pie instead of cake.  To really go over the edge, bake it yourself.

7.  Put a few simple blooms in old coca cola bottles to add to your framed housewife centerpieces.

8.  You’ll be drinking champagne, obviously.  Champagne cocktails became popular in the 50s … bonus!  Or try something else old fashioned, like um, an old fashioned.  Martha Stewart recipe here.

9.  Paper lanterns, streamers, honeycombs – anything you can find in you color scheme will tie this together.  You can get these honeycombs on amazon for $1.29 each.

10.  HAIR.  This is very important and goes along with #3.  Some call the 50s a simpler time but those girls really gave a shit about their hair.  Here is a how to.

And since everyone knows today would have been Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday, why not draw inspiration from the funniest 50s housewife there ever was?  Watch 6 amazing moments of I Love Lucy on the Google homepage.

Now get to it!


Glitter + Pearls

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I’m so excited to find that my little sister was featured once again! This time, Lexi of Glitter + Pearls wrote a charming post about the vintage gloves which adorned Noelle at her wedding.

Before the big day, Noelle dropped not-so-subtle hints that she wanted lacy, fingerless gloves. I found this gorgeous set at the lovely Esty shop,  A Brides Eye View. The shop owner, Pat, is so sweet and aims to make treasures for a bride that are chic + classic yet reasonably priced.

Noelle loved this darling pair, of course! If you or someone you know is getting hitched, I highly recommend a visit to Pat’s quality shop.