Untamed Petals

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100 layer cake has a new Pop-Up shop for you today, featuring Untamed Petals.

This time last year, one of my favorite things to do when I should have been working was shop for wedding head gear.  Although sometimes they were more fun to look at than actually buy.  $300 + ?  Yeah …

I love LOVE love the Untamed Petals halo headband I found for my own wedding and yes, I still wear it.  My lady Angie of Winifred Bean has even recommended them as one of her favorite headpiece designers in the past.

Amanda from Untamed loves everything romantic, chic + sparkly and she handcrafts each piece just for you.  Usually really affordable, today they are BEYOND.

Some favorites:

Untamed Petals Spring 2011 3 Untamed Petals

Double Poppy Headband // $72.50 // reg $145

Untamed Petals 2011 127 Untamed Petals

Wild Silk Chiffon Dahlia // $82.50 // reg. $165

Untamed Petals Spring 2011 7 Untamed Petals

Encrusted Leaf Clip // $82.50 // reg. $165

Sale ends on Aug 12, so even if you’re not engaged you should just get them for some sparkle.

See the full collection over at UntamedPetals.com



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