4 years ago

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4 years ago Pat proposed to me right here!  Today, I have a cold, so after he made me some tea and toast, I crawled out of bed and we hugged in this spot to reminisce.

Back then, we were building our house and this fireplace was just a pile of stones.  We were holding hands as we imagined what our first house was going to be like when he got down on one knee.

We were engaged for about 10 minutes when we took this picture.  Then we ran out to buy our first champagne glasses.

(I accidentally deleted my entire photo library in 2009, so this picture of a picture will have to do.)



happy mother’s day

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dear mom,

wow, you look like you had your hands full!

thank you for your patience, having to do everything twice and doing it with such love and grace.

happy mother’s day!


noey + joy

A girl needs a gun

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transforming life into gold.

have a weekend,

xx ~joy