80s Favorite #2: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 1986

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Only the meek get pinched. The bold survive.


Whatever you do for Valentine’s …

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I hope you all have what she’s having.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


80s Favorites #1 – The Moondreamers 1986

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The Moondreamers live on Starry Up in outer space.  They design good dreams for children on Earth with Dream Crystals.

Evil Queen Scowlene and her lazy daughter Scowlette live in Castle Insomnia.  Scowlene is always cranky because she can’t sleep.  She hates the Moondreamers and tries to trap children in nightmares with her Scowly Crystals.

My favorite characters were Blinky and Bitsy, little Moondreamers in training that wanted to help but usually got in the way.

Episode 1, Part 1

Cliff hanger!  Not to worry, you can find out what happens next.

Episode 1, Part 2

The animation isn’t amazing, but I always thought the concept of the show was really unique.