We painted our house PINK!

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Just kidding.

This seems like the perfect time to reveal our home’s Secret Past. It thought it could hide forever, but this morning our neighbor sent us this photo of our house … in pink! These may be the original colors when it was built in 1890, we’re not sure. Oh, you Victorians and your gingerbread color palettes.

I love that our house will always be a little bit fabulous — cool and understated on the outside while secretly wearing pink underwear.


project: door-table

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For the past few months I’ve had this dream to replace my tiny computer desk and even tinier drawing desk with one large farmhouse table.  Switching back and forth between the two disrupted my workflow and made me very cranky.  So a few weeks ago, my dear friend Beth and I went on a craigslist-find adventure to get this door-table!

It was in pretty rough shape when we got it home.  I got some supplies and spent a nice little Saturday giving it a bath and sanding it down.

I have no idea how old this door is, but there were so many layers of paint that I probably could have sanded it forever and still uncovered new colors; mint green, pink, blue and the natural wood make the prettiest combinations.

The seller also threw in a piece of custom-cut glass so I can enjoy all of these colors without my computer things wobbling on the uneven surface of the door.

Total cost of the door-table, sanding and cleaning supplies – under $120.  I love craigslist.

Thanks for helping me out, Beth!  Working is now a dream.



reason to smile

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home handmade

via slightly everything


via magic is as magic does

valscrapbook:  jeffrey’s creation by jody9 on Flickr.


via brown dress with white dots

And that’s Monday.

♡ ~Joy








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I adore these ceramic garlands by OUI, a collection of simple, thoughtful products made by Angela Hodgkinson.

All ceramic products are one-of-a-kind and made by hand.

They would make amazing wedding garlands, lovely home décor or unique Christmas gifts.  She also has a beautiful collection of scented soy candles + ceramic candles.

Show some love for Small Business Saturday 🙂





noticing a pattern: chevron

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{images via bash please studio // kelly + olive DIY // urban outfitters zigzag rug // gretchen jones chevron necklace}

It’s been around for a while and seems to be everywhere I look – chevron + zig zags. Lately I’ve been pinning images of it and I can’t really stop, so I’m suddenly finding myself longing to get out the painter’s tape and DIYing myself some chevron on the furniture, walls or anything else I can get my hands on.  I’m obsessed.

I’m currently saving my pennies for that gretchen jones chevron necklace.




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Some of you may have heard by now, but we are thinking about moving back up to NY next year.  Yay!  So exciting.  One of the areas we are thinking of building our next little nest is upstate NY and I am falling in love with the victorian-era homes scattered about up there.  Here are some gingerbread houses I’ve been drooling over this past week.


home inspiration

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master bedroom

guest room


{images via my pinterest boards}


Funky Junk Interiors

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Donna Williams of Funky Junk Interiors was recently featured on Apartment Therapy.  She is a pro blogger known for her unique decorating and her one of a kind furniture.  I’m overwhelmed by the charming details in her home but what really gets me is that she made almost everything in it by hand, a mix of salvaged wood, metal and natural elements.

Donna calls this her white trash bedroom since everything in it was, more or less, garbage.  She made that headboard with a gate from the dump, an old door from a burn pile and everything else from thrift stores.  She uses ordinary objects in new, surprising ways.  Think dada or surrealism for the home.

This is not a meat grinder.

Vintage ironing board turned lamp.

Head over to the Unique Projects section where she teaches you how to make anything from a mattress spring bulletin board to a staircase made completely of old crates.

I know.  You can read more about this talented lady over at Apartment Therapy.

Joy + James’ apartment is full of vintage finds and DIY projects.  Every time I visit I’m impressed with their creativity and playfulness in the décor.  See James’ tutorial on how they turned an old ice box into an entertainment unit.

My new favorite hobby is bouncing around the antique stores downtown and finding interesting things to play with.  We’re going today and I’m excited to see what we’ll find!  Last time I went I got an old shipping crate for the foot of the bed and some shutters we plan to make a headboard with.  Funky Junk is really inspiring me to be more imaginative.