Exploring Color Beyond the Fingernail – butter LONDON

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butter LONDON reinvents nail polish at the Vena Cava show.

“I just kind of want to own more real estate this season, so I’m moving off the fingernail and I’m taking over your whole hand!” says founder Nonie Creme.

I’m in love with her new look and inspired by her mentality – “Is it nail art? Is it body art? Who knows, who cares! It doesn’t matter.” Have fun with it. Apparently it’s beautiful even as it deconstructs.  Click here to watch her backstage.

Fingerbands. I’m doing this. Thank you Nonie Creme! Can’t wait to see her work at Alexander Wang. I heard  a rumor that she is calling this next look a “black veil”. Sounds quite epic, actually.



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… let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see.

I continue to kind of want a tattoo.

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Your Meat is Mine

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Hello again,

When, Zooey?

Ever since I was 16 and my best friend in high school got her first tattoo, I’ve wanted one.  I hate to admit this, but it was 1999 and I was super jealous of that gecko tramp stamp.  Now, though, she’s surely rueing the day .

At one time I had 10 body piercings.  I took the tongue ring out after three days because I couldn’t eat.  After a few years I took out my navel ring, nose ring and finally the industrial and now I miss them.  Sometimes I wear earrings.  Man, I’m boring, what HAPPENED to me?

If I ever get a tattoo, I want to go to Canada and let this guy scribble all over me.

French tattoo artist Yann Travaille has a style I don’t think I’ll ever tire of.  Those who’ve gotten inked by him look as if they are human pages from his skin sketchbook.

Go to his site, your meat is mine.com, to see more of his work.

One day … I’ll be cool.