The Perfect Bite

posted by on 06.26.2010, under Branding

Featured on TheDieline this month, The Anderson Group, a design studio based in Nashville TN ( !!! I love Nashville !!! ) just did a fun, new package design for Olive and Sinclair, a southern chocolate brand.  I love the color palette, as well as the font and texture of the label.  It’s got charisma.

But I’m not really posting this because of it’s design.

I’m posting it because it’s snack time in England and I want to eat it.  Right now.   I’ve never had “sea salt” or “salt and pepper” flavored chocolate before, but something rumbling in my tummy tells me  I need to have this in my life.  That’s good design.

More by the Anderson Group.  Maybe I should move back to TN, convince them to open a motion graphics department and hire me … they must have boxes full of that free chocolate in their studio somewhere.


You will eventually die. But who cares?

posted by on 05.08.2010, under Art, Branding

I like Pentagram’s take on cigarettes.  Everyone who smokes knows it will eventually kill them, but it doesn’t stop them from smoking.  They say, embrace it and make the entire pack a warning label …

Collect them all, smokers!
Another cigarette pack design that makes me wish I hadn’t quit.

Coffin Nails

posted by on 05.03.2010, under Art, Branding

Hello again,

My grandmother used to have a cigarette box that she kept near her telephone so that she could smoke while she talked to her friends.  The box had the words Coffin Nails on it.  She had such a cute sense of humor.
If she were still with us, I think she would really get a kick out of this anti-smoking package design by Alexander Andrews.

A great concept.  If I still smoked I’d want it – a friendly little reminder of every nail in my coffin.