Winifred Bean Weekly Wedding Looks

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I love the weekly wedding looks from the Winifred Bean girls.  Every week they invite someone to pull together a look for their gorgeous wedding dress line and this week they’ve featured my look!

I styled the Vintage Inspired Winifred Bean Dress, which is actually the Audrey Blouse and Descending Silk Skirt (I love that it’s a skirt.)

It’s so elegant and chic and I didn’t think it needed much accessorizing.  The shoes are a glitter DIY from Could I Have That and I adore that tiny Catbird ring.

Here are some more of my favorite weekly wedding looks from Winifred Bean:

Look by Catbird


Look by The English Department

Look by Plum Tree Wedding




I will do anything for love

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“You know, when rock meets love. Think Meatloaf.”

The Newsprint Series: Placemats

The Newsprint Series: Placemats
via sewing daisies

Placemats for your home because they look cute!

For endless + crafty fun, visit Heidi at Sewing Daisies.

♡ ~Joy

noticing a pattern: chevron

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{images via bash please studio // kelly + olive DIY // urban outfitters zigzag rug // gretchen jones chevron necklace}

It’s been around for a while and seems to be everywhere I look – chevron + zig zags. Lately I’ve been pinning images of it and I can’t really stop, so I’m suddenly finding myself longing to get out the painter’s tape and DIYing myself some chevron on the furniture, walls or anything else I can get my hands on.  I’m obsessed.

I’m currently saving my pennies for that gretchen jones chevron necklace.



DIY Project: Record Art

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Making stuff is the best. However, I need a good reason to take on DIY projects because unfortunately, my fun plans are bigger than my ability to actually carry them out. SO since yesterday was my friend’s birthday, I had an excuse to try a project that I’ve been dying to work on. And what could be better than to make her something special from my little heart? Look what she made me for my birthday! A book of our 12 Days of Christmas illustrations.

{thoughtful + adorable}

I wanted to give her something unique + handmade, so I turned to some inspiration. Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess posted a really creative DIY Project: Song Lyric Wall Art. It’s a cool idea — take a song lyric and spell it out in letter stickers overtop a painting. Then cover the whole image in spray paint. Once the paint dries, peel off the stickers so the painting is revealed in the letters.

BUT aside from the spray paint, I didn’t have any of those other things. Time to be resourceful.

Step 1: Supplies! White spray paint, an old record + artist tape. You can really use whatever you want. I chose a record because honestly, it was all that I had! The artist tape comes in all sorts of sizes, but a thin one works best. I always have some lying around because I like to think I’m crafty.

Also, you must find a wonderful quote. I went with her favorite author and selected a line from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, Season of Mists: ” ‘The devil made me do it.’ I have never made one of them do anything. Never. ” ~ Lucifer

Step 2: I wrote the quote out in pencil first, that way it was easy to trace it over in tape.

Step 3: Trace over in tape…

Step 4: Spray! Cover the entire surface in paint. But it’s so annoying, you have to lightly coat and allow it to dry for a minute, then spray another light coat and so on. This took about 100 coats … or forever.

Step 5: Allow the paint to dry for 20 – 30 minutes and then peel away the tape.

It’s probably a good idea to cover with a protective finish. I used shellac.

But that’s it!  Yay! I like how it turned out.




Funky Junk Interiors

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Donna Williams of Funky Junk Interiors was recently featured on Apartment Therapy.  She is a pro blogger known for her unique decorating and her one of a kind furniture.  I’m overwhelmed by the charming details in her home but what really gets me is that she made almost everything in it by hand, a mix of salvaged wood, metal and natural elements.

Donna calls this her white trash bedroom since everything in it was, more or less, garbage.  She made that headboard with a gate from the dump, an old door from a burn pile and everything else from thrift stores.  She uses ordinary objects in new, surprising ways.  Think dada or surrealism for the home.

This is not a meat grinder.

Vintage ironing board turned lamp.

Head over to the Unique Projects section where she teaches you how to make anything from a mattress spring bulletin board to a staircase made completely of old crates.

I know.  You can read more about this talented lady over at Apartment Therapy.

Joy + James’ apartment is full of vintage finds and DIY projects.  Every time I visit I’m impressed with their creativity and playfulness in the décor.  See James’ tutorial on how they turned an old ice box into an entertainment unit.

My new favorite hobby is bouncing around the antique stores downtown and finding interesting things to play with.  We’re going today and I’m excited to see what we’ll find!  Last time I went I got an old shipping crate for the foot of the bed and some shutters we plan to make a headboard with.  Funky Junk is really inspiring me to be more imaginative.


Halloween: You May Kiss the Corpse Bride

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Via “The Corpse Bride” for Vogue Korea, by Zo Sun Hi.  I love the abstract take on it and it’s really inspired me for my Halloween-Bachelorette tricks and treats.  And if I’m going to be something “bride,” I’m going to be a Tim Burton creation.

So the Corpse Bride is the big winner!  Most people make this costume scary but Adriana Lima is drop-dead.  More photos over at

I got an old 80s wedding dress from ebay:

Some purple + blue dye, fingerless gloves, a blue wig and viola!



I’m now selling this costume on eBay!