Sketch Nights

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Hello again,

I was a freshman at Pratt when my life drawing professor took me aside the last day of class to evaluate my work.

“I really like your style Noelle, but you’ve given the models a bit of a cartoon-y look.  It’s not very realistic.”

“Thank you!”  said young Noelle, deciding then and there to switch her major to Animation.

I love life drawing and really admire people who can get a perfect likeness of the models within a few minutes.  I can try and try, but I will never be that good.  And I do have fun exaggerating features, loosening up, enjoying the jazz and the drinks at the Society on Tuesdays and Thursday Nights.

Here are a few sketches from the last one.


Sketch – Girls

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Hello again,

Getting my ass to Sketch Night at The Society of Illustrators is like trying to stop slouching or peeling myself off my chair to go to the gym.
I know it would do me good but something always gets in the way like ex fiances or italian guys.  So I give myself a mental high five when I do actually go and get in some quality sketch time. Last night we were rocking out to a slew of Bob Marley covers!

And as it turns out, last night will be the last time we can get together to drink and draw at the Society until September.  But don’t cry, there are so many places around this city where we can still draw naked people and some options may even sell brew like Drink-N-Draw in bk. Here is a healthy list to chose from…

Oh! AND while I was at the Society yesterday, I got a glimpse of the Jeff Preston exhibit. His illustrations are bright colorful depictions of fantasy, classic films, history, biblical stories and my personal fave – horror!  The show will be up until tomorrow so get over there to see it while you can.


Sketch – Beer Goggles

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Out of all my drink and drawings from Thursday’s Sketch Night, only these made it to the top 3.  They’re so much more fun to draw when they’re tubby.  But I don’t mind drawing hot ones either. The more I drank the sexier she became…

I might have just had on the beer goggles.  This last one looks like a GagAguilera mix.


Sketch – Fat Naked Ladies

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Every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6:30pm – 9:30pm the Society of Illustrators hosts “Sketch Night” or as I like to call it, “Drink and Draw”.