Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich

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leftover thanksgiving turkey sandwich recipe

Not sure if everyone is sick of turkey and giving thanks, but all of those leftovers need to fufill their Thanksgiving destiny. TURKEY DAY FOREVER!!!!

There are no rules to The Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich. No one makes the same fixin’s and everyone has their secret family recipes and traditions. Look, my sandwich is delicous because our secret stuffing recipe is delicious. This year, Jim + I cooked the meal together for the first time, so his mama shared her recipe with us. It’s fabulous and we’re not sharing! (Evil wink.)

My perfect sandwich is a sweet + colorful sandwich. I topped this one with cranberry sauce and my mom’s carrot soufflé. Thanks mom!

After that whole day of cooking, it’s finally time to be lazy and simple! Grab turkey, gravy, stuffing, everything but the apple pie, and eat the not-so-secret sandwich.




More coffee

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Crazy deadline today, which means I need to make a few of pots of coffee to get me through it and I absolutely cannot take ANY BREAKS!

(Sometime later)

I was innocently checking my email when this caught my eye in my RSS feed from Wit and Delight.

It’s all I can think about.  They would be the perfect little friends for all the coffee I’ll be drinking.

Seems simple enough … I deserve a break … okay, going to run downstairs and make them real quick.  I love freelancing.


Wit + Delight’s coffee cake muffins:

Noelle’s coffee cake muffins:

A very yummy mess!


The Vegan Stoner

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Is my food obsession as endearing  as I think it is? I just stumbled upon the most adorably illustrated cooking blog, The Vegan Stoner. While I’m not vegan, I’ve always admired those who are. I think they said it best in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, “Being vegan just makes you better than everyone else.”

Vegan designers Sarah Conrique and Graham I. Haynes create the concoctions and drawings at their studio, Simple Gestures. And I love them because the last step of every recipe looks something like this:

I don’t know. It’s enough to make me wish I was vegan. I’m definitely going to try out some of these inspired dishes, although I’ll admit I’m afraid to try “veganaise” because, well it’s not mayonnaise. But this Frappe sounds fantastic!

Look at the cornstarch. The corn with the starchy shirt. It’s adorable overload.



Sugar Freak

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My love-at-first-sight experience with this place was like a movie scene. I was heading out to grab dinner in my neighborhood. I walked by Sugar Freak, fell on my face mid-double take + forgot all about that other restaurant.

Because Sugar Freak looks like…

There’s just a twinge of guilt when I mentally cheat on my apartment, dreaming daily about this interior design. I want those mismatched chairs + pillows. I want a lamp made from milk bottles + that shabby chic hutch. I want to gut an old TV + turn it into a kitchen cabinet. I want a bucket sink in my bathroom!

Is it shallow that this place was so pretty, I didn’t care what the food tasted like?

That’s only a little bit true. The quaint setting is the perfect place to sip refreshing drinks + savor every tasty bite of homestyle goodness. The menu is Louisiana cookin’, serving yummy classics like spicy jambalaya, mac-n-cheese + all kinds of po’boys. The chess pie dessert, it’s served in a mason jar.

Bradley Hawks of Amuse * Bouche wrote a great article in this month’s issue of Boro Magazine, featuring Sugar Freak as well as 14 other new restaurants that have recently opened in Western Queens, which he calls “The World Kitchen”… it’s apt.


Queens Comfort

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Queens Comfort is a new addition to the magical neighborhood of Astoria! Featured on Amuse * Bouche, the southern-style restaurant just opened last week and their comfort food looks simply glorious. They serve a Maple Bacon Buttermilk Biscuit. Did you hear that? There isn’t one thing about the dish that doesn’t sound appealing. To top it off, they serve Stumptown coffee from Brooklyn. Sold! Click here to see more delicious images from Queens Comfort.

I can’t wait to stroll on over and visit this homey and heavenly place. Living less than 10 minutes away, I shall be a regular – for sure. If I look like I put on a couple (hundred) pounds the next time you see me, the biscuits will take the blame.