Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich

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leftover thanksgiving turkey sandwich recipe

Not sure if everyone is sick of turkey and giving thanks, but all of those leftovers need to fufill their Thanksgiving destiny. TURKEY DAY FOREVER!!!!

There are no rules to The Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich. No one makes the same fixin’s and everyone has their secret family recipes and traditions. Look, my sandwich is delicous because our secret stuffing recipe is delicious. This year, Jim + I cooked the meal together for the first time, so his mama shared her recipe with us. It’s fabulous and we’re not sharing! (Evil wink.)

My perfect sandwich is a sweet + colorful sandwich. I topped this one with cranberry sauce and my mom’s carrot soufflé. Thanks mom!

After that whole day of cooking, it’s finally time to be lazy and simple! Grab turkey, gravy, stuffing, everything but the apple pie, and eat the not-so-secret sandwich.




happy mother’s day

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dear mom,

wow, you look like you had your hands full!

thank you for your patience, having to do everything twice and doing it with such love and grace.

happy mother’s day!


noey + joy

My grandpa drew this for my grandma in 1948.

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Nothing in this world is as cute as my Grandparents were together.

Boys, theres still time to make something for your Valentine.


Anthropologie, darling.

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It’s the holiday season! Well, I’ve been shopping more than the U.S. average, according to mint.com. I would say slap me, but you can’t fight crazy with crazy.

Last week I was just browsing. Sort of. I lost my way + wandered over to Anthropologie’s site where I discovered the sweetest stop-motion animation ~ which has officially made it to my all time favorites of this genre, second only to Rudolph, The Island of Misfit Toys.

Little ornaments called “The Branch Bunch” come to life as you hover the mouse over their images. Holiday spirit magic.

{just popping up to say, happy holiday!}

{my igloo is your igloo}

{…gifts rule}

{happy, merry, JOY: pass it on}

{…the eggnog effect}

Oh! This is wonderfully done.

Here’s another stop-motion piece for Anthropologie, designed by Creative Director Simon James Lee.

An artist like Mr. Lee knows better than anyone the priceless look that can only come from the use of real objects + photographs.

These fuzzy feelings make me want to buy cute things.


Our Dad

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thank you for being our human jungle gym when we were little.

thank you for passing down your bad habit of always being late.  our friends call this being “on twin time” we think it’s pretty great.

thank you for always being a model of hard work and diligence.  you are the reason we believe that sleep is optional.

thank you for teaching us how to bowl.  it’s a weird skill that we’re glad we have.

thank you for being able to fix ANYTHING that gets broken.

we love you, dad.  happy father’s day!

joy + noelle

our mom

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we love you!  happy mother’s day

noey + joy

A Valentine’s Day Card

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{images via my pintrest boards}


Whatever you do for Valentine’s …

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I hope you all have what she’s having.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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Some lovely *cheap* gifts from the ladies over at Catbird.

i have that little heart jewelry box.  All girls love tiny boxes.


Creepy Candy Hearts 2

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“the less than ideal valentine.”