We painted our house PINK!

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Just kidding.

This seems like the perfect time to reveal our home’s Secret Past. It thought it could hide forever, but this morning our neighbor sent us this photo of our house … in pink! These may be the original colors when it was built in 1890, we’re not sure. Oh, you Victorians and your gingerbread color palettes.

I love that our house will always be a little bit fabulous — cool and understated on the outside while secretly wearing pink underwear.


project: door-table

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For the past few months I’ve had this dream to replace my tiny computer desk and even tinier drawing desk with one large farmhouse table.  Switching back and forth between the two disrupted my workflow and made me very cranky.  So a few weeks ago, my dear friend Beth and I went on a craigslist-find adventure to get this door-table!

It was in pretty rough shape when we got it home.  I got some supplies and spent a nice little Saturday giving it a bath and sanding it down.

I have no idea how old this door is, but there were so many layers of paint that I probably could have sanded it forever and still uncovered new colors; mint green, pink, blue and the natural wood make the prettiest combinations.

The seller also threw in a piece of custom-cut glass so I can enjoy all of these colors without my computer things wobbling on the uneven surface of the door.

Total cost of the door-table, sanding and cleaning supplies – under $120.  I love craigslist.

Thanks for helping me out, Beth!  Working is now a dream.



I will do anything for love

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“You know, when rock meets love. Think Meatloaf.”

The Newsprint Series: Placemats

The Newsprint Series: Placemats
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Placemats for your home because they look cute!

For endless + crafty fun, visit Heidi at Sewing Daisies.

♡ ~Joy

reason to smile

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home handmade

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valscrapbook:  jeffrey’s creation by jody9 on Flickr.


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And that’s Monday.

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