BHLDN Unveiled

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BHLDN, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie’s wedding line, launched the site today.  They have everything a bride needs in one place.  Shoes, head gear, gowns, bridesmaid dresses, jewelry and lingerie.

Wedding decor items will debut on the site in May, stylists are available by email and they hope to offer event planning/catering advice in the future.  The shop is only online at the moment and will eventually expand to 2 or 3 stores.

BHLDN ‘s What Kind of Bride Are You test is good for the girl who doesn’t know whether she is a nostalgic romantic, a lady with a twist, a neo-sophisticate or la bohemienne.

It turns out I’m la bohemienne.

Here are some of my favorites:



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Some lovely *cheap* gifts from the ladies over at Catbird.

i have that little heart jewelry box.  All girls love tiny boxes.


The Clothing Menu Shop

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The Clothing Menu is one of my new favorite fashion blogs founded by Kristen D’Amour.  This October, she expanded the blog into an online shop selling clothes and accessories from independent designers.  She interviews each featured designer so you get to the know them through the blog.

Juneau Blouse By Fischer Clothing

Interview with Kristina, the clothing designer for Fischer Clothing.

April Necklace by cuttlefish

Interview with Lisa, the jewelry designer for cuttlefish.

The cool thing is learning about the passion these artists have for what they make.  Head over to The Clothing Menu Boutique right now to see more.



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10 unique engagement rings and wedding bands for the brides … and for those of you who are “just looking.”

Click on each image for more details.

Catbird Bittersweets NY Twig Ring with Black Diamond



Love black diamonds.

Malcom Betts Hammered Diamond Ring



A dear friend just got me into Malcom Betts and I’m a big fan of these hammered rings.

Conroy and Wilcox Round Rose Cut Grey Diamond Ring



See the imperfections in this band?  And the grey diamond is pretty interesting.

Catbird Bittersweets NY with Marquise Diamond



I’m kind of in love with Catbird jewelry and the girls that work there.  Bonus, they just came out with bands for the boys.

Doyle and Doyle Diamond Cluster Platinum Ring




Twist Cathy Waterman Thorn and Berry Ring



Oh, Cathy Waterman, why is your talent so expensive?

Twist L. Frank Moghul Cut Diamond Ring



First moghul diamond I’ve seen.

Catbird Bittersweets NY Twig Pavé Eternity Band



At this point you must be one to me.  OKAY!  I admit it!  I love the Catbird Bittersweets Twig Rings.  I especially like this eternity band.  Again with the imperfections.

Catbird Yayoi Forest Knot Ring



This is Sterling Silver.  It will be a bit more expensive in white, yellow, rose gold or platinum.  A little unconventional for a wedding band but so adorable.

And now …

it’s a bit cruel for me to post this next one and you will see why in a moment.

Cathy Waterman Love of My Life Ring


Last January I called to inquire about this ring … you know, just for fun … and the shop girl said it was $80,000.00.  She said it in the same way someone at Starbucks says that your latte will be $5.00, as if that is totally reasonable.  But, since I know how superior that Starbucks latte is to all other lattes, I didn’t immediately hang up on her.  She went on to say this was a “one of a kind ring” and that it has sold.

Isn’t that a tease?  Sorry, but if I have to live with the fact that this ring is off the market SO DO YOU!

But I do love all of the other choices, way below the $80,000.00 price range.  Happy shopping, ladies (and smart boys who will take in all this free knowledge.)