Our engagement pictures are ready!

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Being engaged has been a dream. But the wedding is coming!! We wanted to capture this amazing time in our lives before it’s over forever. Our friend and talented photographer, Lisa, took us out for a day of shooting and old-fashioned fun at the Jazz Age Lawn Festival + Parisian Carnival on Governor’s Island.

View more at Lisa Barnshaw Photography

Thanks Lisa, for all the memories and gorgeous photos. I’ll always look back on this magical day as our engagement comes to an end and we become a little old married couple.

Click Click Click Click Camera Bags

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A while ago I did a post on my search for the perfect sneaky, yet cute, camera bag.

Well now I have one!  My husband got me this little gem from Pendleton.

I love it.  It’s perfect and fits all my things, plus my camera, without weighing a ton.  I actually use it all the time now, with or without the camera.

Available at Opening Ceremony.


Little Pictures

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My camera finally arrived from Art House! I’m officially part of the AMLP Photomobile tour – a tour for photography.

Sign up, and after waiting by the door for a few days, a disposable camera arrives. Remember disposable cameras? You have 27 shots to tell a story or represent a theme. Pick a theme, or you can let them decide for you. Afraid that I might get stuck with “Florescent lights”, I chose “Pictures and descriptions.”

After you print your photos and send them on their way, the Art House team will take a journey to museums across America with a traveling library of photos from around the planet.

Ever since my camera was delivered 10 minutes ago, all I can think about is what to capture!

Do I need inspiration?

Yes. Lots.

This is a photo of Jim’s grandparents when they were courting — one of my favorite pictures with a description, and this is why…

{Charles and Anne Dougherty}


The most romantic images ever are the paintings of young love by Norman Rockwell.

{Courting Couple At Midnight – Post cover, March 22, 1919}

But here is my interpretation —


Hugs and Kisses

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“the broke valentine”

the truth is, this is the my weakest attempt at a valentine’s day present. it’s basically tricking someone into making their own gift. here, take a picture of me in front of this playground.



Photobooth DIY

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Photobooths are fun.  We wanted to have one for our wedding this past November but they can be a bit pricey.

SO – my photographer Lisa and I decided to put together a makeshift photobooth with a backdrop she had, curtains, bunting, frames from my grandfather, and masks from Marco Designs on Etsy.  My designer Heather made a fun sign to jazz it up.  I believe the total cost was about $50.  And the photos …


The Fiction Project

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I’m very excited and sad to see my sketchbook go on tour next week for the Sketchbook Project.  They grow up so fast.  Now I’m addicted to being creative everyday for fun instead of just for work.  I need my fix.

So even though I’m not a really a writer, I’ve signed myself up for the Fiction Project, another coast to coast tour by the Art House Co-op.  It’s just like the Sketchbook Project but with writing and you tell stories and draw pictures based on a theme.

Since my memory has rapidly gotten worse since young Noey began drinking in college, I’ve chosen the theme, “I’m Sorry I Forgot You.”

Hey photographers!  I may also join the AMLP Photomobile, where Art House sends you a disposable camera to take 27 frames on a single theme.  You then send it in to go on yet another tour.

Want to do it?  I’m nervous because I haven’t used a disposable camera since 2003.  Oh the pressure of not being able to delete a bad photo.


Ora Photography

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Meet Lisa and Katie of Ora Photography!

I know, they are amazing.

The lovely Miss Lisa has finally started a blog!  Our wedding is her first post and she writes about their experience shooting for us.  It’s such a wonderful entry, makes me want to live the whole wedding over again.

Run over to lisabarnshaw.wordpress.com now to read about it!  I can’t wait for her to post more of her work, she’s way talented.


Cameras that make me cry.

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pmelody2 flickr


pmelody2 flickr


pmelody2 flickr

pmelody2 flickr

pmelody2 flickr

pmelody2 flickr

pmelody2 flickr

pmelody2 flickr

PMELODY2 shooting with a Nikon D5000.

Look what you’ve done, now I’m starting to yearn.  These shots are stunning, thanks for sharing P. The images above are a few of my top 8 from Noey’s trip to Paris. I couldn’t narrow it down to 5!  But you’re missing out if you don’t view the albums, such as RANDOM PARIS.

“I want to go to there.” – Liz Lemon

The Nikon D5000 is really affordable and takes beautiful photos. Depending on what type of camera you want and what you want to spend, there are some excellent choices for digital point & shoot, digital SLR or film cameras.

The Canon 7D DLSR is a significantly more expensive option.  But the video capabilities make me drool a little.  Details on gizmodo.  I was sold almost a year ago when I saw Phillip Boom’s cinematography work using Canon 5D and 7D DSLR’s featured on motionographer.com.

I’m looking around for a camera but my eyes are bigger than my wallet.

Leica, you have stolen my heart and…

Some beautiful babies are below:

The Leica X1 Point & Shoot – Takes ridiculous pictures and could arguably be better than some SLR’s out there.

The Leica M7 Hemès – Very cool, very expensive film camera. It’s all about the lens – fast wide angle and lightweight.  By the way, how cute is this style?

The Leica S-System – SLR Digital camera, a system all it’s own and costs more than my life.