Working From Home

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It’s swell to work from home every day, but rough to live and work in the same place. True, I’d love to have the means to rent a studio space. Somewhere to set up shop that is nowhere near where I sleep.  But my commute is from my bed to my desk. Sometimes it make me feel like a hermit crab.  So here are some…

Top 5 strategies for survival:

1- Get dressed.

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Maybe don’t stay in your pjs all day.  It helps to make me feel like a part of society.  I wear comfy clothes at the very least, but occasionally get inappropriate and wear digs that I could never get away with wearing to the office. WHY? Because I have nothing better to do and no boss getting mad if my bra is showing.

2 – Decorate.

chalkboard paint


I’m a weak little flower who needs sunlight to grow.  I just moved my desk by a window – done.  Otherwise if you’re facing a wall, paint it a less than boring color.  Caddy-corner your desk.  Decorating can be cheap.  I have the urge to draw big notes on my walls. In chalk!

3- Have a routine.



Great advice! This strategy keeps me sane.  Go to the gym, grab a cup of coffee and get to your desk by 10am. Work for 8 hours and then you’re off the clock.  Well I rarely make it to the gym, I’m not super girl. Which brings me to #4…

4- Take breaks!

give me a break

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Exclamation point.  Under tight deadlines, I go 2-3 days without stepping foot out of my apt. SO sad.  At least take a walk around the block. Anything to get away from the desk.

And the top 5 ultimate strategy for surviving freelance is…

5- Be selfish  >:)



Don’t confuse with 4.  4 is a given, you need a break every day, even twice a day.  But 5 is indulgence.  Noooo workaholics. Even watching an hour of tv or catching a yoga class can be good for the mind and the achey back.

Makes you want to quit your day job and join the freelance cult, yeah?