England, Here are 10 Things I’ll Miss About You

posted by on 01.29.2011, under Travel

{image from my sketchbook project}

One week from today Patrick and I will be moving back to the states.  I’m sad, we liked life here.  It’s not you, England, it’s us.  Sorry it didn’t work out.

So, England – here are 10 Things I’ll miss about you

1.  The English don’t say, “How are you?”  They say, “You alright?”  My first day here, everyone was asking if I was alright.  Did I not look alright?

2.  A pub called The New Inn and a beer called Carling.

3.  Insults like “twat” and “piss off, knobhead.”

4.  I’ll actually miss the rain.

5.  The English don’t get mad.  They get cross.

6.  I WON’T miss how you can’t really order a good cocktail here, but it was worth mentioning.

7.  Taking the piss.

8.  In the summertime, it stays light out until 10PM.

9.  How my lady friends order a silly beverage called a Shandy : Beer and Sprite (which they also refer to as lemonade)

10.  I’ll miss all of our friends the most.  I’ll also miss how the TV show Friends plays 4 times a day here.  This meant a lot to the American who could not fit her DVD box set in her luggage 6 months ago.

You were an adventure, England.  We’ll never forget you.



London calling to the underworld

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Joy gets on a plane and visits Patrick and I in England.

We take her to one of the two nightclubs in our small town.

Take a train to London. The conductor tells us the wrong track and we get stuck at the station for an hour.

We get some beer and take some photos.

We arrive at our hotel at midnight and they are closed. They leave instructions to go down to the left basement stairwell where we find a red traffic cone hiding our keys with further instructions to get to our rooms.

We wake up late and sit at a cafe, talk and take pictures. Eat some English food.

We wander around London.

We try to see some wax museum but the line is too long. We walk to Oxford Street.

We window shop, don't buy anything. Oxford Street looks just like New York so we cab it to some sights.

Before heading back to the hotel we stop at a small tavern near Big Ben.

Joy takes photos of us, taking photos of her.

We go to the London eye and decide it will be better at night.

Some guy with a camera shoves us out of the way. They shoot a Burger King commercial along the River Thames.

We miss the changing of the guards.

Our cab driver tells us to head to Shoreditch, East London for late night eats and drinks.

First we ride the London Eye. The city looks intense at night.

Take another cab to Shoreditch and hit The Diner before the bars. Share a $5 milkshake with bourbon in it.

We look for a bar and Joy almost becomes roadkill trying to cross the street. We find a pub that stays open til 3 then get some late night kabobs before heading back to our hotel. The End.