Our engagement pictures are ready!

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Being engaged has been a dream. But the wedding is coming!! We wanted to capture this amazing time in our lives before it’s over forever. Our friend and talented photographer, Lisa, took us out for a day of shooting and old-fashioned fun at the Jazz Age Lawn Festival + Parisian Carnival on Governor’s Island.

View more at Lisa Barnshaw Photography

Thanks Lisa, for all the memories and gorgeous photos. I’ll always look back on this magical day as our engagement comes to an end and we become a little old married couple.

Juliette Hogan

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Juliette Hogan Bridesmaid – $499 and up

I love these dresses from this New Zealand designer.  Such a lovely neutral color palette too!

Clockwise from left {posey dress, trapeze dress, diana dress + annie dress}


Winifred Bean: Kickstarter!

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This past month I was able to work on a project I’m really excited about.  My good friend Angela has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to grow her small business, Winifred Bean, a line of wedding dresses for creative brides.  Another cool thing, I edited the above video for her campaign! (shot by Justin Reid)

I wish Winifred Bean existed when I was wedding dress shopping.  I loved my dress and I feel like I’m cheating on it a little when I say this, but I just adore the simple, cool, chic gowns from Winifred Bean.  I mean, just look:

You can mix and match the tops and bottoms of the dresses until you find something that fits your style.

The funds from Kickstarter will help Angela take the line to the International Bridal Market in NYC this October, where they will be exposed to stores and brides across the US and around the world.  The money raised will also go towards developing a second set of samples so that while the dresses are off at market and trunk shows, she can still hold private appointments out of her home.

Angela became a new mom last year after her first collection was complete. This is her peanut, Julianne!

I believe in Angela and her little dream. I’m so happy to help get her small business off the ground.

Please help support creative independent talent; no donation is too small.  If she doesn’t reach her goal by October 9th, she gets nothing, so spread the good word and share with all the wonderful people you know!




Winifred Bean Weekly Wedding Looks

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I love the weekly wedding looks from the Winifred Bean girls.  Every week they invite someone to pull together a look for their gorgeous wedding dress line and this week they’ve featured my look!

I styled the Vintage Inspired Winifred Bean Dress, which is actually the Audrey Blouse and Descending Silk Skirt (I love that it’s a skirt.)

It’s so elegant and chic and I didn’t think it needed much accessorizing.  The shoes are a glitter DIY from Could I Have That and I adore that tiny Catbird ring.

Here are some more of my favorite weekly wedding looks from Winifred Bean:

Look by Catbird


Look by The English Department

Look by Plum Tree Wedding




Winifred Bean + Oatmeal Lace Clutch Giveaway!

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I SCOURED the internet looking for a handmade clutch for my wedding.  I’d spend hours looking every week, never finding the perfect one.

Well you brides of today are in luck because our friends over at Winifred Bean are having a custom handmade clutch giveaway sponsored by Oatmeal Lace!

This lovely clutch is one of a kind – look how pretty.  AND it’s designed by Winifred Bean!

Click here to find out how to enter.

Have fun and good luck!



Joy and James

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It’s been about a week and I’m sure most of you have heard by now, but I wanted to congratulate my sister Joy and her fiancé James on their engagement with this funny picture I took upstate last week.  This adorable poem reminded me of them.

Love you guys!  So excited for you!




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I adore these ceramic garlands by OUI, a collection of simple, thoughtful products made by Angela Hodgkinson.

All ceramic products are one-of-a-kind and made by hand.

They would make amazing wedding garlands, lovely home décor or unique Christmas gifts.  She also has a beautiful collection of scented soy candles + ceramic candles.

Show some love for Small Business Saturday 🙂





Congratulations Noelle + Patrick!

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{image via 100 Layer Cake}

Today is special! One year ago, my sister married her best friend. They planned an unforgettable wedding with the loveliest fall decor + the yummiest food. Those who were in attendance still rave about that cocktail hour. Ooh how I dream of that spiked hot apple cider…

Since then, they’ve been nesting + building happy memories together. I’m very excited to congratulate them on their 1 year anniversary! To Noelle + Patrick,

“May your lives always be filled with JOY!”

xoxo ~ Joy

Untamed Petals

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100 layer cake has a new Pop-Up shop for you today, featuring Untamed Petals.

This time last year, one of my favorite things to do when I should have been working was shop for wedding head gear.  Although sometimes they were more fun to look at than actually buy.  $300 + ?  Yeah …

I love LOVE love the Untamed Petals halo headband I found for my own wedding and yes, I still wear it.  My lady Angie of Winifred Bean has even recommended them as one of her favorite headpiece designers in the past.

Amanda from Untamed loves everything romantic, chic + sparkly and she handcrafts each piece just for you.  Usually really affordable, today they are BEYOND.

Some favorites:

Double Poppy Headband // $72.50 // reg $145

Wild Silk Chiffon Dahlia // $82.50 // reg. $165

Encrusted Leaf Clip // $82.50 // reg. $165

Sale ends on Aug 12, so even if you’re not engaged you should just get them for some sparkle.

See the full collection over at UntamedPetals.com


The bride wants a theme shower.

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I have fun friends and we enjoy any excuse to dress up.  This means theme parties and we really get into it.

A Retro Housewife Bridal Shower might be in the works for a friend of mine.  My advice for the maid of honor would be:

1.  Get this “How to be a Good Wife” bridal shower game on etsy for $8.  Inspired by an actual article from Housekeeping Monthly in 1955, you get a PDF customized with your details. Just buy, download and print yourself.

2.  Print 1950s housewife illustrations and add these hilarious captions from Anne Taintor.  My favorite is, “The secret ingredient is resentment.”  Stick them in white frames and voila – centerpieces.

3.  You need to look the part and NO WHINING ABOUT IT.  This is fun, remember?  Here is are some retro worthy dresses over at ModCloth.  Don’t forget your red lipstick.

4.  Color scheme.  I think you should choose cherry red and turquoise.

5.  You’ll need this “Sweet Dreams” paper banner from Catbird because it’s turquoise and I love it..

6.  Play 50s music and serve pie instead of cake.  To really go over the edge, bake it yourself.

7.  Put a few simple blooms in old coca cola bottles to add to your framed housewife centerpieces.

8.  You’ll be drinking champagne, obviously.  Champagne cocktails became popular in the 50s … bonus!  Or try something else old fashioned, like um, an old fashioned.  Martha Stewart recipe here.

9.  Paper lanterns, streamers, honeycombs – anything you can find in you color scheme will tie this together.  You can get these honeycombs on amazon for $1.29 each.

10.  HAIR.  This is very important and goes along with #3.  Some call the 50s a simpler time but those girls really gave a shit about their hair.  Here is a how to.

And since everyone knows today would have been Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday, why not draw inspiration from the funniest 50s housewife there ever was?  Watch 6 amazing moments of I Love Lucy on the Google homepage.

Now get to it!