the dumbest sh*t i ever saw

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hello children!  mickey with steve buscemeyes has an important announcement:

brought to you by metcalf loves you and twins are weird.

don’t let this fall through your crack!  for more information on the deadline and rules (that’s right, we made RULES damnit) go to our Dumb Sh*t tumblr.  it has the bokeh!


The Sketchbook Project: Sasha Kiseleva

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Found this talented lady while I was aimlessly clicking through the different Sketchbook Projects submissions.

I love the detail in her pen and ink work.  These characters are so unique, I can almost see them coming to life on each page.  Sasha is from Russia, but has travelled all over the world, honing her craft as an illustrator.

Click here to flip through Sasha’s sketchbook OR you lucky New Yorkers can go see it in person at the Brooklyn Art Library – the exhibit’s only up for 3 more days!


First stop on the Sketchbook Project Tour: Brooklyn!

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The first exhibition on the Sketchbook Project Tour is in Williamsburg THIS WEEKEND.

The Brooklyn Art Library
103A N 3rd St
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211

The books will be available to view from Feb 19 – Feb 27 and then they are off to the Austin Museum of Art in TX during SXSW.

The tour will go across the country through the summer.  Go here to see when the Sketchbook Project Tour will land in a city near you.


That Was How I Met Roger.

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The End.

Then I came across this beauty along the walls of his paintings, splattered all over in red like a Ralph Steadman piece.

We sifted through panels and panels of large scale artwork until I saw “Credo Quia Absurdum” (I believe because it is absurd) – gritty, scratched, peeling and dripping.

Credo Quia Absurdum

… and “Banana Girl.” I love her.

Banana Girl

He handed me a cold beer and invited us in to use his space for some indoor photographs. That was when we saw his paintings, like this one which depicts “what happens to a girl just 6 months after she moves to New York.”


Before / After

He offered us his guitar to use in our photographs.

Roger.  He had left the old piano outside his apartment for Make Music New York before assholes came by and destroyed it.  Although I think it looks more beautiful.

We went to Brooklyn to take some shots of friend and model, Aiesha, and found a magical street corner with dilapidated furniture and beautiful graffiti.

My cousin Marzia was visiting from Italy with her friends. Her boyfriend, Edoardo, is a photographer.

Once upon a time in Brooklyn…