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2014 S/S Collection

Pretty. I love the patterns and colors in this collection.  And everything looks so comfortable. Almost time wear short dresses for spring!

Juliette Hogan

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Juliette Hogan Bridesmaid – $499 and up

I love these dresses from this New Zealand designer.  Such a lovely neutral color palette too!

Clockwise from left {posey dress, trapeze dress, diana dress + annie dress}


Dress Up: Fall From Summer

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Fall’s officially here. Now cute, short summer dresses are mixed // matched with scarves, grandma sweaters, jackets + boots!

summer to fall closet

Hanging up in my closet, there’s my inspiration board. Full of perfect outfits like this one. Catching my eye + escaping my budget.

Hi I’m broke.

So this week, I’m playing dress up. I don’t own any of these items from Free People. But this look, anyone can make it happen… more or less.

summer to fall dress up

I did it, I think! It’s a selection of apparel I’ve had lying around for a while, but kind of makes up a nice look for this season. And I didn’t have to go shopping. The weather’s getting colder but {damn it} I’ll still rock the little summer dress.


BHLDN Unveiled

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BHLDN, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie’s wedding line, launched the site today.  They have everything a bride needs in one place.  Shoes, head gear, gowns, bridesmaid dresses, jewelry and lingerie.

Wedding decor items will debut on the site in May, stylists are available by email and they hope to offer event planning/catering advice in the future.  The shop is only online at the moment and will eventually expand to 2 or 3 stores.

BHLDN ‘s What Kind of Bride Are You test is good for the girl who doesn’t know whether she is a nostalgic romantic, a lady with a twist, a neo-sophisticate or la bohemienne.

It turns out I’m la bohemienne.

Here are some of my favorites:


Wedding Inspiration – Kara and Shawn

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KARA AND SHAWN – 08.07.10 in Douglas, Wyoming

One of my best girls, Bird, was the Maid of Honor in her sister Kara’s wedding in August.  I’ve never met Kara or her husband Shawn, but I love them.  Enjoy these lovely photos as Kara tells us about their inspiring wedding.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Choosing the color chartreuse was simultaneously the best and most difficult part of wedding planning. There are A LOT of variations in chartreuse. My jumping off point for the rest of the wedding planning was the discovery of the bridesmaid dresses at ModCloth.com. The dresses were cute and economical for my bridesmaids given that most of them had to foot travel costs to make it to the wedding anyway. These dresses ended up being incredibly versatile and flattering everyone from the tall, twiggy girl down to the 6 month pregnant girl.

**Hey, it’s Noelle again.  I’m so excited that Kara got her Bridesmaid dresses at ModCloth.  I’ve even suggested getting your wedding dress from them.

My Dress: Was actually a cheap reproduction of a Manuel Mota dress. I had it made by an offshore company in China where I sacrificed details like buttons vs. zippers to reduce the price. I figured I’m wearing it once and it was worth the deficit in quality to spend part of the dress budget on other details of the wedding.

Headpiece: I found the headband on Etsy (Boring Sidney’s Shop) I was bummed out when offbeatbride.com featured a wedding with the same Lanvin right after I picked mine out- but I got over it when I realized like fashion itself, there is no such thing as a truly original wedding trend. For the ceremony I added a couple of cheap veils I had found at HobbyLobby and had the gal who styled me before the wedding add them so they would be easy to remove after.

Shoes: Shoes were another thing I didn’t want to spend a lot of the budget on given I had full intentions of kicking them off and wearing hideous (albeit comfortable) platform flip-flops. The shoes I wore in the ceremony were gold-detailed brocade heels I found on a costume website, stage-fright.com, as part of a Marie Antoinette costume. They were perfect, especially with the rhinestone details which worked perfectly with the Brooch Bouquet I carried.

Rings: The rings were another Etsy find. I knew I couldn’t wear my vintage 30’s old mill cut diamond engagement ring everyday to do hair. Plus that ring is already such a stunner I knew nothing wedding band wise would look right next to it. After a couple of months of my husband going back and forth with “Dude, we need to find rings,” “Yeah I know, we’ll totally look for some rings,” and never producing results we lucked out with these.

**The Boys

Theatre: The Princess Theatre in Douglas, Wyoming

**I just love the idea of the bridal party walking down the theatre aisle AND holding the ceremony on stage.  Made for some pretty rad photos.

First Dance Song: “Did I Say?” by Teenage Fanclub

It was kind of hard to pace out a way to actually look cool dancing to this song, but it didn’t really matter because we were so caught up in each other we weren’t paying attention anyway.

More details:

Reception: The American Legion in Douglas, Wyoming

Planner: Maureen Morgan

**To see more photos of this stunning wedding, listen to Teenage Fanclub’s Did I Say whilst checking out her photographer’s site – Sarah Boyd, Photo de Novo

Love this – very Royal Tenenbaums.

Thanks for sharing your wedding with us guys!