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2014 S/S Collection

Pretty. I love the patterns and colors in this collection.  And everything looks so comfortable. Almost time wear short dresses for spring!

Juliette Hogan

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Juliette Hogan Bridesmaid – $499 and up

I love these dresses from this New Zealand designer.  Such a lovely neutral color palette too!

Clockwise from left {posey dress, trapeze dress, diana dress + annie dress}


Winifred Bean: Kickstarter!

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This past month I was able to work on a project I’m really excited about.  My good friend Angela has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to grow her small business, Winifred Bean, a line of wedding dresses for creative brides.  Another cool thing, I edited the above video for her campaign! (shot by Justin Reid)

I wish Winifred Bean existed when I was wedding dress shopping.  I loved my dress and I feel like I’m cheating on it a little when I say this, but I just adore the simple, cool, chic gowns from Winifred Bean.  I mean, just look:

You can mix and match the tops and bottoms of the dresses until you find something that fits your style.

The funds from Kickstarter will help Angela take the line to the International Bridal Market in NYC this October, where they will be exposed to stores and brides across the US and around the world.  The money raised will also go towards developing a second set of samples so that while the dresses are off at market and trunk shows, she can still hold private appointments out of her home.

Angela became a new mom last year after her first collection was complete. This is her peanut, Julianne!

I believe in Angela and her little dream. I’m so happy to help get her small business off the ground.

Please help support creative independent talent; no donation is too small.  If she doesn’t reach her goal by October 9th, she gets nothing, so spread the good word and share with all the wonderful people you know!




Look but don’t touch

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Slightly dangerous window shopping.

I can’t stop dreaming about this bag.

Cropped tank tops = metal!!

Perfect for those rainy spring day in April. Or China..

Love the crop cut in grape.

Comfy + smart shoe.

Distressed boots with a girlie dress. Classic.

OK I’m mentally ready for Spring.

♡ ~Joy

The Madewell Twins

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I love the Madewell Holiday 2011 catalogue.  It just arrived in the mail this week and It’s full of Christmas gift ideas; things I want and things I want to get for all of you.  But my FAVORITE thing about this holiday catalogue is …


I was so happy to see Madewell featuring cool twins!  Don’t they look awesome?  As a twin myself, I can already tell all of them apart.  It’s a substantial gift.

Nicki and Cassi are featured in a Madewell Musings video and OH MY GOD they are sitting the exact same way in the still frame.  Joy and I do this all the time.  Ah, twin commiseration.

They talk about their travel-inspired style, peppered with pearls and tattoos.

They are really making me miss living with Joy and sharing everything in our closets.  DOUBLE wardrobe.


Winifred Bean Gowns

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Don’t you sort of wish you waited to get married until the Winifred Bean wedding gowns launched?

Angela Broyles Curanaj, who I’m very happy to call a good friend of mine, started this wedding dress line named after her grandmother, Sally Winifred Bean.

If you are interested in ordering one of these gorgeous dresses, they are available for presale.  Just contact angela@winifredbean.com


Dear Creatures

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My favorites from the Dear Creatures Spring 2011 Collection.

Gretal Dress in Chambray

Par Avion Dress in Navy and Feather Print

Pagoda Blouse in Navy Oxford

Pacific Romper in Black/White Plaid and Navy Diamonds

Blossom Dress in Navy Chambray and Red/Gold Plaid

From designers Bianca Benitez and Rob Sinclair.  This is their style.

I love each new collection they come out with, so sweet and reminiscent of another time and another place.  Plus, I’m pretty sure those are TWINS in their new look book, which just makes me adore them even more.  I can even tell them apart, it’s the eyebrows.  Twins are weird.

From the Fall 2010 Collection- Avalon Dress and Diggers Cardigan

This Avalon Dress is now on sale!  I neeeeeeed it.  Shop Dear Creatures here.


Fashion Week: Rag & Bone

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I’ve always had a thing for Rag & Bone.  So what’s the look this season?

“There’s lots of skins and hides!” says designer Marcus Wainwright.

I like.

More images at vogue.

Did any of you participate in their DIY project?  You could win seat at their Fall 2011 Fashion Show.  No big deal.


Crochet and Lace

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Remember in the 40s when the bride AND the bridesmaids wore wedding dresses?  I think this could come back.

photograph taken at my grandparents’ wedding, 1949

{image via tobacco and leather}

Ralph Lauren Collection featured in this month’s Vogue US.  Just look at all that crochet and lace, off white and ivory.

(Of course you WILL have to get over being the only one in white.  I’m sure you can think of a way to stand out, just don’t make them wear hats.)


New Year’s Resolution 5

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“my new year’s resolution is to wear high(er) heels more often” – db


new year's resolutions