hair pins

posted by on 08.04.2012, under Random

I get bored very often and usually end up taking it out on my hair. Whatever length or color, this is the look I’m typically drawn to.

It’s the “I-just-got-out-of-bed-looking-effortlessly-perfect” look. It’s kind of beachy, but not. Whatever it is, I don’t have it.  My hair is quite straight and boring on it’s own. I need some waves, some texture. Some pizazz.

Enter Davines.  They’ve created this No.14 Sea Salt Primer For Wizards and Texturizer Styling Spray and some days I think they made them just for me.  I spray a small amount of the Texturizer into my hair while it’s damp, twirling the hair around my fingers in small sections as I’m drying it. When it’s almost completely dry, I spray the Sea Salt on to my ends and play with the hair to give it a messy wave. This might sound like a lot of work, but it’s kind of fun. Feels like sculpting.

I’m really liking that first image of Daria Pleggenkuhle. It’s short though, like, REALLY short. Hrmmm.

Images via my pinterest boards.