everybody’s kickin it back

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Still from "The First Time CeeCee Did Acid" by Noelle Melody

Odds are the show is probably your basic dumb shit . But then you sort of think well maybe it’s beyond dumb, maybe it’s a ra-tard. Maybe it’s something really cool that you don’t even know about. And uh, and you started feeling like you definitely wanna be a part of it.

I’ve got to celebrate this teaser for the show, created by Taylor Armstrong.

Showcasing our submissions of half-cocked short-shorts, we promise you’ll be disturbed and/or left in great dismay.

It’s all happening at Glasslands this Wednesday, July 13th at 8pm — come experience some dumb shit AND drink a cold beer at the same time.


Ride with Larry

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One of my best friends, Heather Francovitch, is a designer at EGR International.  They recently became involved in the production of an independent documentary directed by Andrew Rubin and Ricardo Villarreal called “Ride with Larry.” The subject of the film is Larry Smith who, after almost 20 yrs with the Parkinson’s, plans to bike across his state of South Dakota to raise awareness and inspire others.  He will ride from June 21st to June 25th – that’s 280 miles.

Heather had the pleasure of working with the team, developing the new logo and website, ridewithlarrymovie.com, to help promote the documentary.

Please watch the trailer.  It’s a great story.

The route from Aberdeen SD to Vermillion SD has been chosen so that Larry can speak to a different Parkinson’s Association of South Dakota support group at each day’s stop.

You can follow their progress on the blog.

If you would like to help, there are 20 days left to make a donation.  Every dollar will be used to finish making the film and later send off to studios and film festivals.


North Dixie Drive

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My lady Jasmin Way just finished editing a documentary that will screen this week in Brooklyn!  I can’t go because I am across an ocean and I can’t swim that fast, but you can still make it to this advanced screening.

Directed by NY debut filmmaker, Eric Mahoney, “North Dixie Drive” is a portrait of a small community of businesses and people residing in a tiny section of Dayton, OH. It is the story of big time wrestlers, mechanics, a donut salesmen, a homeless country singer, barbers, strippers and car repo men. This eccentric collection of people live and work around a traffic circle situated along highway I-75, and fight to keep their lives and careers afloat in a failing economy.

Wed, Jan. 12th, 7:30PM
622 Degraw St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

Here’s some press on the event: BeaconPass.com

Don’t miss it!  There’s limited seating so get your tickets online, only $5 to help an up and coming artist.


Animation Sequences – Spun

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Today, I bring you animated sequences from Spun (2002 independent film by Jonas Åkerlund)

The animation suits the grungy, druggy, and vile cult film.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen Spun.  Looking back to old trailers when writing this post,  I hate to say it reminds me of Requiem For A Dream.  I don’t like comparing the two – who can top Requiem?  But Spun holds a special place in my heart as far as frenetic drug freak films are concerned and BONUS, it features some quality animation by animator Murray John.

The scene depicts an intense pornographic hallucination. It’s pretty graphic but I dig the use of animation here, where the artist literally has no boundaries.

And Jason Schwartzman  rules all.