Neighbors // Failure

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failure copy

Neighbors released their record, Failure, on Tuesday. We’ve been listening to it at the studio,  non-stop and shamelessly, ever since.

Wild Enough
Directed by Philip Van
Choreographed by Celia Rowlson Hall

So good! This single is rad and so is this video. But it’s possible that ‘Spacing Out’ and ‘Outliers’ are new favorites for me from this album.

Neighbors is playing a show this Saturday, March 29th! Album Release Party w/ Riverwild, Hints @ Glasslands


Musical Motion Magic

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A few days ago Motionographer posted a video called Resonance with this demand: “Stop. Put on your headphones. Go fullscreen, and sit still as Resonance blasts your earballs to pieces.”  I obeyed.

Resonance is a collaborative project with over 30 independent visual and audio designers/studios. The aim was to explore the relationship between geometry and audio in unique ways.

My favorite visual artist + audio designer pair was Jr Canest and David Kamp.  Here is their contribution, which happens at 2:50 in the full 11 minute video:

I love it because it’s fun and it’s simple.  While I found the other contributions to be very impressive, this one made me stop and look again.  And then I smiled and watched again.

Here is the full Resonance video:


Wedding Inspiration – Darbie and Justin

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A Summer Camp Wedding in Hueguenot, NY – 09.12.09

I love DIY weddings where all of your creative friends and family get together to make the day really unique and special.

I got a chance to hang out with Darbie and Justin last October at the Woodstock Film Festival; James, Arthur, Joy and I had worked on 2009 Signal Film and Justin had starred in Harmony and Me, a wonderfully funny film about a broken heart, directed by Bob Byington.

from the left: Darbie, Justin, Me, Joy, James

Darbie and Justin are also in one of my favorite bands, Bishop Allen.  If you haven’t heard their music, go get their albums and your life will be happy.

At the festival we could tell they had just gotten married because Justin kept playing with his wedding band.  Boys are so cute when they get their new hardware aren’t they?  Darbie told us a little bit about their recent summer camp wedding and my heart was captured.

A year later, on their anniversary, Darbie posted a link to the wedding photos on her blog, field guide 35 and described their day.  I asked her if she wouldn’t mind me sharing them here and she was delighted:

“The whole thing was a real DIY family affair. I handmade all of the invitations, table numbers, seating cards, maps of the campgrounds, and boutonnieres for the boys.

My dad made all of the signs and hand-built the chuppah out of branches from the backyard. My mom sewed the tablecloths and a zillion feet of pennant flag bunting. Both of our families got together to decorate the dining hall with all kinds of lights and lanterns and more tissue paper decorations than imaginable.

My wedding dress (a stunning 1920’s beaded beauty) was from my mom’s best friend Susie.

Our friends and bandmates played the ceremony music (Chapel of Love, Sea of Love, and Then he kissed me — on marimba, ukulele, glockenspiel, guitar, drums, alto horn, and kazoos. SO BEST.)

My friend Frankie (aka Kid America) deejayed.

And Justin’s friend Ryan took all the photos. Even the priest was a friend of Justin’s family.

And this was our wedding song:

This Will Be Our Year” by The Zombies

And if I do say so myself…I think it HAS been our year.”

Now go to the slideshow and see all of the lovely photos.

PS!  Darbie’s blog, field guide 35, is a fantastic read on cooking, inspiration and arts & crafts.


Sofarsounds ‘Songs From A Room’

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passion ate dave

Songs From A Room’ is a series of secret pop-up music gigs in living rooms. I was invited to the secret show (in NYC, Oct. 27th) and at first, I thought I was going to the venue The Living Room (les).  Upon closer inspection I realized I would be attending someone’s living room had no idea what to expect. So exclusive! It was such a unique experience – pretty much as intimate as you can get.

It began over a year ago in the London living room of Passion Ate Dave.  He started Songs From A Room with two music fans (Rafe and Rocky) as a movement to support new music.

These evenings can always take place … the economic winds may blow cold, but this kind of thing can always happen.

He is passionate, it’s not just a clever name.

Here are some highlights from the evening…

Passion Ate Dave – “Home”

Linfinity – “Spanish Harlem” (cover)

Bear Hands – “What A Drag” (By the way, they changed their sound specifically for this session since sofarsounds can only accommodate acoustic music.  Pretty impressive.  I actually really like the song played this way! But you can go to their myspace page to hear how it normally sounds.

Kelley McRae – “Moonshiner” (cover) Side note: Kelley McRae and Passion Ate Dave will be playing live at The Living Room at 10:30 this evening!

I’m pretty excited about the future of Sofar, hoping that it leads them to host an evening in my backyard and we can call it Sofab!  I came up with that and am way too pumped about it.