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Some of you may have heard by now, but we are thinking about moving back up to NY next year.  Yay!  So exciting.  One of the areas we are thinking of building our next little nest is upstate NY and I am falling in love with the victorian-era homes scattered about up there.  Here are some gingerbread houses I’ve been drooling over this past week.

XL 23882 House Up

XL 30926 4 victorian duncan Up

XL 31831 100 3114 Up

XL 34651 100 3501 Up

XL 34951 100 3554 Up


The Sketchbook Project: Sasha Kiseleva

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Found this talented lady while I was aimlessly clicking through the different Sketchbook Projects submissions.

img 0178 gallery The Sketchbook Project: Sasha Kiseleva

lj gallery The Sketchbook Project: Sasha Kiseleva

img 9605 large The Sketchbook Project: Sasha Kiseleva

sasha4 The Sketchbook Project: Sasha Kiseleva

I love the detail in her pen and ink work.  These characters are so unique, I can almost see them coming to life on each page.  Sasha is from Russia, but has travelled all over the world, honing her craft as an illustrator.

Click here to flip through Sasha’s sketchbook OR you lucky New Yorkers can go see it in person at the Brooklyn Art Library – the exhibit’s only up for 3 more days!


First stop on the Sketchbook Project Tour: Brooklyn!

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library photo First stop on the Sketchbook Project Tour: Brooklyn!

The first exhibition on the Sketchbook Project Tour is in Williamsburg THIS WEEKEND.

The Brooklyn Art Library
103A N 3rd St
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211

The books will be available to view from Feb 19 – Feb 27 and then they are off to the Austin Museum of Art in TX during SXSW.

The tour will go across the country through the summer.  Go here to see when the Sketchbook Project Tour will land in a city near you.


That Was How I Met Roger.

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The End.

Roger Then That Was How I Met Roger.

Then I came across this beauty along the walls of his paintings, splattered all over in red like a Ralph Steadman piece.

Red That Was How I Met Roger.

We sifted through panels and panels of large scale artwork until I saw “Credo Quia Absurdum” (I believe because it is absurd) – gritty, scratched, peeling and dripping.

Credo Quia Absurdum That Was How I Met Roger.

Credo Quia Absurdum

… and “Banana Girl.” I love her.

Banana Girl That Was How I Met Roger.

Banana Girl

He handed me a cold beer and invited us in to use his space for some indoor photographs. That was when we saw his paintings, like this one which depicts “what happens to a girl just 6 months after she moves to New York.”


Girl In NY That Was How I Met Roger.

Before / After

He offered us his guitar to use in our photographs.

Guitar That Was How I Met Roger.

Roger.  He had left the old piano outside his apartment for Make Music New York before assholes came by and destroyed it.  Although I think it looks more beautiful.

Roger Appears That Was How I Met Roger.

We went to Brooklyn to take some shots of friend and model, Aiesha, and found a magical street corner with dilapidated furniture and beautiful graffiti.

Photoshoot That Was How I Met Roger.

My cousin Marzia was visiting from Italy with her friends. Her boyfriend, Edoardo, is a photographer.

Graffiti That Was How I Met Roger.

Once upon a time in Brooklyn…


Sketch Nights

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Hello again,

I was a freshman at Pratt when my life drawing professor took me aside the last day of class to evaluate my work.

noey sketchnight 04 Sketch Nights

“I really like your style Noelle, but you’ve given the models a bit of a cartoon-y look.  It’s not very realistic.”

“Thank you!”  said young Noelle, deciding then and there to switch her major to Animation.

I love life drawing and really admire people who can get a perfect likeness of the models within a few minutes.  I can try and try, but I will never be that good.  And I do have fun exaggerating features, loosening up, enjoying the jazz and the drinks at the Society on Tuesdays and Thursday Nights.

Here are a few sketches from the last one.

noey sketchnight 03 Sketch Nightsnoey sketchnight 07 Sketch Nightsnoey sketchnight 06 Sketch Nightsnoey sketchnight 05 Sketch Nights


Subway Stories

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I feel like this was me on the subway last night.

New York, sometimes you suck.


Movie Night

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Picture+5 Movie Night

Want to be a part of Movie Night? Submit your film by the end of this week … unless you know us personally in which case we MIGHT extend the deadline. Oh, the power.
~ Joy

Movie Night at the Glasslands

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Got talking with friends one night over drinks. Decided we should start a small film screening.
Movie Night at the Glasslands was born!

If you have a new short animation that you would like to submit to Movie Night, please send your DVD to …

333 West 52nd Street
Suite 805
New York, NY 10019

Please send all DVDs to the above address by May 14th.

Movie Night with be held on Sunday, May 30th at 8PM.
The Glasslands
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Please print out the form below and include with your submission.
Unfortunately we don’t have the space all night, so we can’t screen every film we receive, but we’re going to try to include as many as possible to make this the best Movie Night ever!
Also, our friend who’s doing the invite wants to put screen shots of the films, so if you plan on entering, send one ASAP in an email with the subject: “Movie Night – Screen Shot” to joy@twinsareweird.com


jOy and nOey
Submission Form Movie Night at the Glasslands

oh sweet mother of all that is good and pure…

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Picture+1 oh sweet mother of all that is good and pure...
this just in, at 3:00 AM this morning, noey and i completed our last animation sequence of the music video for “golem” by the maladies!!! ok, ok. noey finished hours before me. because well, she is much faster than me. but still, i’m doing my happy dance!!
we are finishing post production this weekend.
who needs a drink!?