30 motion tests in 30 seconds

posted by on 08.07.2011, under Animation, Art

I’ll just shut up and let motion designer Steffen K explain it to you:

“Over a period of 30 days I challenged myself to created 1 second of animation every day. The idea was to experiment and explore workflow in the software package Cinema 4D and publish one frame from my experiments daily..

The rules:
-Animate 1 second everyday
-Publish one frame daily at blog.steffenk.net
-Put it all together to approx. 30 seconds of animation”

You can see the individual 1 second tests over at his blog.

I’m a big fan of exercises in variety vs. constants and envious of his motivation to do something like this.  Not only is it a great challenge but it gives you simple, quick filler for your reel that would definitely stand out.

1 second a day … maybe I’ll start tomorrow?  Off to a good start already.