Anthropologie, darling.

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It’s the holiday season! Well, I’ve been shopping more than the U.S. average, according to I would say slap me, but you can’t fight crazy with crazy.

Last week I was just browsing. Sort of. I lost my way + wandered over to Anthropologie’s site where I discovered the sweetest stop-motion animation ~ which has officially made it to my all time favorites of this genre, second only to Rudolph, The Island of Misfit Toys.

Little ornaments called “The Branch Bunch” come to life as you hover the mouse over their images. Holiday spirit magic.

{just popping up to say, happy holiday!}

{my igloo is your igloo}

{…gifts rule}

{happy, merry, JOY: pass it on}

{…the eggnog effect}

Oh! This is wonderfully done.

Here’s another stop-motion piece for Anthropologie, designed by Creative Director Simon James Lee.

An artist like Mr. Lee knows better than anyone the priceless look that can only come from the use of real objects + photographs.

These fuzzy feelings make me want to buy cute things.


The Making of Place Stamp Here

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It’s a trailer!  Watch, if you please.

Sometimes, films aren’t planned. Place Stamp Here was an accident. Shhh, a happy accident, darling.

“I realized that sometimes my favorite part of my job is that my chair swivels, so maybe I need to more actively pursue other, more creative, more lovely projects.” – Kelly Sharp

And then Kelly sent us her charming script.

When she talks, Kelly goes off on these tangents that are wonderful and natural and so insisting that she narrate the script exactly how she’d described it to us in an email, we moved forward with our take on how to tell the story visually…

To the storyboards.

place stamp here storyboards

Cute … we could’ve drawn the whole film that way. But at the same time  1.) I sort of loved finishing a film in such a timely fashion and  2.) I really loved using the actual trinkets and the things we’ve all collected on all of our travels. Which also made the process unique and interesting. And amazing!

The music really tied the film together — composed by Jasmin Way, Carter Logan and Hannah Rawe of The Chandeliers with Zach Knox on piano.

It was so fun to collaborate and we’re so lucky to be surrounded by such creative types. We all thought of it like this — maybe we’re broke and maybe didn’t plan on making another film … but it’s festival season which equals fun. Motivation!

We used different techniques like shooting the stop-motion elements, combining traditional animation with cut-outs, watercolor, photographs. It’s um, a cornucopia of mixed media.

But OK, my favorite part was making coffee-stained paper for the backgrounds.

Mmmmm coffee makes anything possible.


Stop Motion Save-the-Date

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I saw this post on Brooklyn Bride last week.  It’s a stop motion save-the-date video to email to your guests.  You + ME* teamed up with Trent Bailey Photography and now offer this to their clients.

Here is another very cool stop motion save-the-date,  featured on 100 Layer Cake.

It’s a fun little film and only 37 seconds long, which is almost the perfect amount of time for your guests to sit through your cuteness.  Read about how the bride and groom made it.


Animation Sequences – Youth In Revolt

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On a Michael Cera binge again, I decided to throw Youth In Revolt to the top of my Netflix queue and finally watched it. Delighted by Cera’s character as usual, I loved the film – but I’m a classic nerd and I’m much more excited about the fantastic animation sequences which were lightly besprinkled throughout.

Peter Sluszka directed 6 animations, of which 4 were chosen for the final cut.  Each section was created using different techniques.  Sluszka talks about his work in this interview.

Youth In Revolt - Title Sequence

Stop motion – the opening titles seamlessly linked the live action and the animation.

Youth In Revolt - Road Trip

Pixelation – shot with a digital still camera against green screen, thousands of the images were then printed and photographed again for the final animation.

Youth In Revolt - Hallucination

Traditional 2D Animation – hilarious … he does shrooms and then hallucinates, obviously the perfect time to introduce another animated bit. And since he’s a virgin, of course he’s going to visualize people having sex. The couples were drawn and colored by hand then added to the live action in post production.

Youth In Revolt - End Credits

Flash – used to create legendary ending credits. Lizzi Akana was one of the many animators who had worked on this section and she’s pretty sick, check out her stuff.  Among other things, she’s worked on Superjail and MGMT’s popular music video, Kids with Henry Thurlow.

More on animation in feature films coming up …

Nighty night,