Juliette Hogan

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Juliette Hogan Bridesmaid – $499 and up

I love these dresses from this New Zealand designer.  Such a lovely neutral color palette too!

Clockwise from left {posey dress, trapeze dress, diana dress + annie dress}


Joy and James

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It’s been about a week and I’m sure most of you have heard by now, but I wanted to congratulate my sister Joy and her fiancé James on their engagement with this funny picture I took upstate last week.  This adorable poem reminded me of them.

Love you guys!  So excited for you!



Congratulations Noelle + Patrick!

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{image via 100 Layer Cake}

Today is special! One year ago, my sister married her best friend. They planned an unforgettable wedding with the loveliest fall decor + the yummiest food. Those who were in attendance still rave about that cocktail hour. Ooh how I dream of that spiked hot apple cider…

Since then, they’ve been nesting + building happy memories together. I’m very excited to congratulate them on their 1 year anniversary! To Noelle + Patrick,

“May your lives always be filled with JOY!”

xoxo ~ Joy

Packed: engagement ring hidden in your wallet

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So you’re a guy (or a very brave girl) and you’re about to pop the question, but you just don’t have anywhere to hide that bulky ring box …

Andrew Zo has created a jewel case that could be hidden in a wallet but when presented, has a  a surprise element that mimics a flower blossoming.

“Packed” is a series of packaging designs with a specific focus on paper and structure.

{see more photos over at thedieline}


Wedding Hairpieces: Guest Post by Angie of Winifred Bean!

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Oh well hello again!

Our good friend Angie of Winifred Bean has written a guest post for us today on one of our favorite wedding accessories – hairpieces!  I adore her style and love all of her choices so I’ll stop talking now and let her get to it!

First off I have to say I am a huge fan of Hello Again Girls.  I’ve always been a fan of the twins, but have really enjoyed reading their blog and staying on top of all the creative and amazing things they are working on.  When Noelle got married last year, she began to do a series of inspirational posts about weddings – and she has great taste.  I’ve featured numerous posts about her wedding (which was fab) and thus wanted to come up with a blog that I knew would appeal to her sense of style. So here goes!

I’m designing wedding dresses, but I am also obsessed with all the elements you put together to create “the look”.   And I love hairpieces.  You can get so creative and find some amazing vintage and homemade pieces to accent a great hairstyle.   Here are some of my favorites along with where to find them.



Angela (aka Winifred Bean)

The Veil:

Veils can be classic or non-traditional but are always lovely.  To spice them up there are many options available with beautiful texture such as polka dots or lace.  And as you can see, they compliment any hairstyle.

Clockwise from left: Twigs and Honey, Twigs and Honey, BHLDN , Anna-be

The Headband:

Headbands have made a big comeback.  They have been around since the beginning of time, but they first made a big fashion splash in the 20’s, again in the 70’s and now the options are endless to make this hairpiece fun, classic or whimsical.  In fact, Noelle chose headbands for herself and for Joy.

Clockwise from left: Untamed petals, Twigs and Honey, Which Goose, BHLDN, Feathers and FrillsWhich Goose

Hairpins and Flowers:

My favorites.  So many options to choose from I had trouble selecting a few for this post.  Vintage pins with a low bun are my favorite, but lovely flowers to hold back the hair is always a nice touch.  And of course the flower wreath…something so innocent and beautiful…

Clockwise from left: Anna-be, one of a kind – collaboration between bride and florist, Untamed petals, Bride’s own, BHLDN, Anna-be

The Birdcage:

The birdcage is another classic that has made a comeback and in such a lovely way.   It can be worn with any type of dress, with any hairstyle and instantly add elegance and sophistication.

Clockwise from left: Anna-be, Lo Boheme, Bottom row are brides own – but similar styles can also be found at BHLDN

Noelle again – These are all so gorgeous!  I’m so happy to learn about these some of these designers that I didn’t know about and am now, of course, obsessed with.  I will be saving my favorites for all of your future weddings that I secretly plan daily.

ALSO!  I just can’t wait to see all the style and inspiration boards Angie has been working on for her dresses.  I know they will be stunning!


Creative Cake Toppers

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Creative cake toppers are tiny and most of your guest won’t even notice them.  I will ALWAYS notice them.  You should be prepared in case I am invited to your future wedding.  I’ve given you some of my favorite options:

Our Sugar Sweet and Sunshine cupcakes needed to be decorated with something pretty.  Meet Lily and Purcell, Anne Wood’s Handmade Sweethearts.  Look at them!  So fancy.

Lace and Rubbish makes unique cake toppers that I think you should get.  Mates and Rubbish, their sister store, makes cupcake toppers.  I love this company.

Cotton Bird Designs, a shop from England, sells little handmade items for your wedding, including these burlap bird cake toppers.  Good to know if you happen to live in England.

Bunny With A Tool Belt sells funny little guys, including these Hand Holding Monsters.  Hand Holding Monsters!


Featured on Winifred Bean!

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The lovely Angie at Winifred Bean was kind enough to feature our wedding yesterday!

Winifred Bean is one of my favorite sources for wedding inspiration.  I’m so honored that she wanted to write about our day!


Ora Photography

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Meet Lisa and Katie of Ora Photography!

I know, they are amazing.

The lovely Miss Lisa has finally started a blog!  Our wedding is her first post and she writes about their experience shooting for us.  It’s such a wonderful entry, makes me want to live the whole wedding over again.

Run over to lisabarnshaw.wordpress.com now to read about it!  I can’t wait for her to post more of her work, she’s way talented.


Stop Motion Save-the-Date

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I saw this post on Brooklyn Bride last week.  It’s a stop motion save-the-date video to email to your guests.  You + ME* teamed up with Trent Bailey Photography and now offer this to their clients.

Here is another very cool stop motion save-the-date,  featured on 100 Layer Cake.

It’s a fun little film and only 37 seconds long, which is almost the perfect amount of time for your guests to sit through your cuteness.  Read about how the bride and groom made it.


Wedding Inspiration – Darbie and Justin

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A Summer Camp Wedding in Hueguenot, NY – 09.12.09

I love DIY weddings where all of your creative friends and family get together to make the day really unique and special.

I got a chance to hang out with Darbie and Justin last October at the Woodstock Film Festival; James, Arthur, Joy and I had worked on 2009 Signal Film and Justin had starred in Harmony and Me, a wonderfully funny film about a broken heart, directed by Bob Byington.

from the left: Darbie, Justin, Me, Joy, James

Darbie and Justin are also in one of my favorite bands, Bishop Allen.  If you haven’t heard their music, go get their albums and your life will be happy.

At the festival we could tell they had just gotten married because Justin kept playing with his wedding band.  Boys are so cute when they get their new hardware aren’t they?  Darbie told us a little bit about their recent summer camp wedding and my heart was captured.

A year later, on their anniversary, Darbie posted a link to the wedding photos on her blog, field guide 35 and described their day.  I asked her if she wouldn’t mind me sharing them here and she was delighted:

“The whole thing was a real DIY family affair. I handmade all of the invitations, table numbers, seating cards, maps of the campgrounds, and boutonnieres for the boys.

My dad made all of the signs and hand-built the chuppah out of branches from the backyard. My mom sewed the tablecloths and a zillion feet of pennant flag bunting. Both of our families got together to decorate the dining hall with all kinds of lights and lanterns and more tissue paper decorations than imaginable.

My wedding dress (a stunning 1920’s beaded beauty) was from my mom’s best friend Susie.

Our friends and bandmates played the ceremony music (Chapel of Love, Sea of Love, and Then he kissed me — on marimba, ukulele, glockenspiel, guitar, drums, alto horn, and kazoos. SO BEST.)

My friend Frankie (aka Kid America) deejayed.

And Justin’s friend Ryan took all the photos. Even the priest was a friend of Justin’s family.

And this was our wedding song:

This Will Be Our Year” by The Zombies

And if I do say so myself…I think it HAS been our year.”

Now go to the slideshow and see all of the lovely photos.

PS!  Darbie’s blog, field guide 35, is a fantastic read on cooking, inspiration and arts & crafts.