Winifred Bean: Kickstarter!

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This past month I was able to work on a project I’m really excited about.  My good friend Angela has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to grow her small business, Winifred Bean, a line of wedding dresses for creative brides.  Another cool thing, I edited the above video for her campaign! (shot by Justin Reid)

I wish Winifred Bean existed when I was wedding dress shopping.  I loved my dress and I feel like I’m cheating on it a little when I say this, but I just adore the simple, cool, chic gowns from Winifred Bean.  I mean, just look:

You can mix and match the tops and bottoms of the dresses until you find something that fits your style.

The funds from Kickstarter will help Angela take the line to the International Bridal Market in NYC this October, where they will be exposed to stores and brides across the US and around the world.  The money raised will also go towards developing a second set of samples so that while the dresses are off at market and trunk shows, she can still hold private appointments out of her home.

Angela became a new mom last year after her first collection was complete. This is her peanut, Julianne!

I believe in Angela and her little dream. I’m so happy to help get her small business off the ground.

Please help support creative independent talent; no donation is too small.  If she doesn’t reach her goal by October 9th, she gets nothing, so spread the good word and share with all the wonderful people you know!




Winifred Bean Weekly Wedding Looks

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I love the weekly wedding looks from the Winifred Bean girls.  Every week they invite someone to pull together a look for their gorgeous wedding dress line and this week they’ve featured my look!

I styled the Vintage Inspired Winifred Bean Dress, which is actually the Audrey Blouse and Descending Silk Skirt (I love that it’s a skirt.)

It’s so elegant and chic and I didn’t think it needed much accessorizing.  The shoes are a glitter DIY from Could I Have That and I adore that tiny Catbird ring.

Here are some more of my favorite weekly wedding looks from Winifred Bean:

Look by Catbird


Look by The English Department

Look by Plum Tree Wedding




Winifred Bean + Oatmeal Lace Clutch Giveaway!

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I SCOURED the internet looking for a handmade clutch for my wedding.  I’d spend hours looking every week, never finding the perfect one.

Well you brides of today are in luck because our friends over at Winifred Bean are having a custom handmade clutch giveaway sponsored by Oatmeal Lace!

This lovely clutch is one of a kind – look how pretty.  AND it’s designed by Winifred Bean!

Click here to find out how to enter.

Have fun and good luck!



Untamed Petals

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100 layer cake has a new Pop-Up shop for you today, featuring Untamed Petals.

This time last year, one of my favorite things to do when I should have been working was shop for wedding head gear.  Although sometimes they were more fun to look at than actually buy.  $300 + ?  Yeah …

I love LOVE love the Untamed Petals halo headband I found for my own wedding and yes, I still wear it.  My lady Angie of Winifred Bean has even recommended them as one of her favorite headpiece designers in the past.

Amanda from Untamed loves everything romantic, chic + sparkly and she handcrafts each piece just for you.  Usually really affordable, today they are BEYOND.

Some favorites:

Double Poppy Headband // $72.50 // reg $145

Wild Silk Chiffon Dahlia // $82.50 // reg. $165

Encrusted Leaf Clip // $82.50 // reg. $165

Sale ends on Aug 12, so even if you’re not engaged you should just get them for some sparkle.

See the full collection over at


Winifred Bean Gowns

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Don’t you sort of wish you waited to get married until the Winifred Bean wedding gowns launched?

Angela Broyles Curanaj, who I’m very happy to call a good friend of mine, started this wedding dress line named after her grandmother, Sally Winifred Bean.

If you are interested in ordering one of these gorgeous dresses, they are available for presale.  Just contact


Wedding Giveaway from Bean and Apple

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I am a big fan of edible wedding favors.  I love yummy snacks and find them to be even more memorable than any other keepsake.

Winifred Bean just announced a gift giveaway from Bean & Apple – 50 bags of their Sea Salt Toffee.

Just look at that.  Wouldn’t this make a unique and DELICIOUS favor?

It’s really easy and fun to enter.  Pop over to WB to find out the details on this sweet contest.


Wedding Hairpieces: Guest Post by Angie of Winifred Bean!

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Oh well hello again!

Our good friend Angie of Winifred Bean has written a guest post for us today on one of our favorite wedding accessories – hairpieces!  I adore her style and love all of her choices so I’ll stop talking now and let her get to it!

First off I have to say I am a huge fan of Hello Again Girls.  I’ve always been a fan of the twins, but have really enjoyed reading their blog and staying on top of all the creative and amazing things they are working on.  When Noelle got married last year, she began to do a series of inspirational posts about weddings – and she has great taste.  I’ve featured numerous posts about her wedding (which was fab) and thus wanted to come up with a blog that I knew would appeal to her sense of style. So here goes!

I’m designing wedding dresses, but I am also obsessed with all the elements you put together to create “the look”.   And I love hairpieces.  You can get so creative and find some amazing vintage and homemade pieces to accent a great hairstyle.   Here are some of my favorites along with where to find them.



Angela (aka Winifred Bean)

The Veil:

Veils can be classic or non-traditional but are always lovely.  To spice them up there are many options available with beautiful texture such as polka dots or lace.  And as you can see, they compliment any hairstyle.

Clockwise from left: Twigs and Honey, Twigs and Honey, BHLDN , Anna-be

The Headband:

Headbands have made a big comeback.  They have been around since the beginning of time, but they first made a big fashion splash in the 20’s, again in the 70’s and now the options are endless to make this hairpiece fun, classic or whimsical.  In fact, Noelle chose headbands for herself and for Joy.

Clockwise from left: Untamed petals, Twigs and Honey, Which Goose, BHLDN, Feathers and FrillsWhich Goose

Hairpins and Flowers:

My favorites.  So many options to choose from I had trouble selecting a few for this post.  Vintage pins with a low bun are my favorite, but lovely flowers to hold back the hair is always a nice touch.  And of course the flower wreath…something so innocent and beautiful…

Clockwise from left: Anna-be, one of a kind – collaboration between bride and florist, Untamed petals, Bride’s own, BHLDN, Anna-be

The Birdcage:

The birdcage is another classic that has made a comeback and in such a lovely way.   It can be worn with any type of dress, with any hairstyle and instantly add elegance and sophistication.

Clockwise from left: Anna-be, Lo Boheme, Bottom row are brides own – but similar styles can also be found at BHLDN

Noelle again – These are all so gorgeous!  I’m so happy to learn about these some of these designers that I didn’t know about and am now, of course, obsessed with.  I will be saving my favorites for all of your future weddings that I secretly plan daily.

ALSO!  I just can’t wait to see all the style and inspiration boards Angie has been working on for her dresses.  I know they will be stunning!


Winifred Bean

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I have a Guest Post up on one of my favorite wedding blogs, Winifred Bean, today!

It’s a short story about my psycho search for my wedding dress last year.  I hope you all enjoy, relate to or learn from to this extra dose of crazy.


Featured on Winifred Bean!

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The lovely Angie at Winifred Bean was kind enough to feature our wedding yesterday!

Winifred Bean is one of my favorite sources for wedding inspiration.  I’m so honored that she wanted to write about our day!


Bridesmaid Gift Idea

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This post on Winifred Bean yesterday inspired me to write about the gifts I got for my pretty maids.

The Wedding Chicks make this adorable mini custom tote that you can fill with hair accessories, necklaces and other gifts for your bridesmaids.  Of course, you’ll need one as well.

They make other totes too, I thought this would be fun as a hotel welcome bag that your guests can use again.